• So true. Is there ever a political system that does not create a plan by drawing boundaries based upon politically expedient definitions of supportive and non-supportive? Wasn't just picking at the old USSR, we just need to take a look around where we all sit, wherever we sit.
  • Sorry, Dimitri. I tried but am not having luck with the link either, and with sensate function being my inferior function...I'm not very technological. I do see, however, that there are a number of blogs on Psychology Today discussing the issue.


  • I cannot get that link to work. Does anyone else have the link?
  • If only this diagnosis would entitle me to disability benefits so I could introvert in peace, without the interfering nuisance of the working world.
    • Actually, this just might be an interesting debate between the DSM folks and insurance companies who adopt DSM categories as coverable conditions. And what about workers' comp? Hiring discrimination due to prejudice against introverts?


    This is absolute nonsense - especially since about 94% of Jungians are introverts!!!

    • Now I am getting a bit paranoid!!! :)
  • And this coming from psychiatrists who, I believe, have a very high number of introverts in their ranks. Doesn't make sense to me.
    • mmm

      . I believe they might think themselves outside the box.


      • I guess if you think you built the box, you can put yourself anywhere you want.

        Reminds me of the Soviet mental health system where if you disagreed with Soviet-style communism, you could be placed in a mental institution because anyone who didn't see the beauty of that political system MUST be crazy.

        Also, what group of people will least likely kick up a fuss about this, but introverts!!?? :)

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