Cliff Bostock commented on Patricia Damery's blog post Goethe and the Art of Seeing
"The episode sounds consistent with Goethe's (and Steiner's) interest in phenomenology."
Apr 22, 2014
michelle campbell replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Publishing dissertation
"Hmmmmm well then, lead us, in the now, and reflect back later... once again... as before.And don't bore yourself with the rehashing.Create something new which you sense is useful and hope it goes where you wanna be?(aka perhaps your credibility can…"
Jul 25, 2013
Cliff Bostock replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Publishing dissertation
"Michelle, thanks for the story. I've heard it a bunch of times.
My particular inspiration for my MA was transpersonal psychology. I thought that mindfulness training would be especially useful. But everyone said that it was woo-woo crap. Now, it's…"
Jul 24, 2013
David Van Nuys replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Publishing dissertation
"Hi Cliff,

First of all, congratulations to you on getting it done!
It's been 40 years since I did my dissertation.  (ouch!)  But, I was able to take parts of it and turn those into three publications in academic journals.  That did help me to get…"
Jul 20, 2013
michelle campbell replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Publishing dissertation
"I'm not an academic and so can not properly answer your question.I can say though that I'd probably buy it and read it if aside, jsyk - I recall my first ever introduction to the term Depth Psychology. It was in something you wrote…"
Jul 20, 2013
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Beauty and the environmental movement
"I hate the phrase "natural resources". Also, we in Serbia (I’m not sure about other countries) are continuously brainwashed by the term “white plague” for a negative growth of population.
Are we collectively too sick to advance? "
May 29, 2013
Gerard O Hemmerle replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Free (intensive) mythology class
"Thank you for this info. I must've been drinking from the river Lethe."
May 3, 2013
Gray Crawford replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Free (intensive) mythology class
"Thank you for sharing this, Cliff.  I also hope you share some of your experiences with this.  It is tempting for me to sign up, but I know that I do not have the time in my schedule for this at the moment.  I would love to hear if you find this to…"
Apr 23, 2013
Julie Ann Perkins replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Free (intensive) mythology class
"Thank you, Cliff.  Very interesting!  I hope you will post about your experience with the course. 
For me, the historical context is inextricable in understanding and embodying myth, as our place on the earth richly informs our body, soul and psyche."
Apr 22, 2013
Cliff Bostock replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Members, how do you define depth psychology?
"There was an interesting opinion piece in the NYT a few days ago that contributors who have mentioned transpersonal aspects of DP may find interesting, "When God is Your Therapist."
I've learned a lot about DP and spirituality from Lionel Corbett's…"
Apr 15, 2013
Cliff Bostock replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Members, how do you define depth psychology?
"Oh yeah, I get the blank look constantly. And I was bashed by more than 500 people on the crazy, mainly for having no meaningful credentials since my degree is in depth psychology. I get tired of it.
Usually, I just tell people that…"
Apr 9, 2013
Cliff Bostock replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Today's Supreme Court hearing
"Hey, Shane, thanks very much for your very thoughtful response. You know, I have never thought about a daimon in community terms, since in my understanding, the daimon represents us in our particularity. But it's an interesting thought.
Then again:…"
Apr 9, 2013
Cliff Bostock replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Today's Supreme Court hearing
"Thanks, everyone, for your comments. The following is directed at Shane. I don't have time to respond to every point, but here's a hasty reply:
I was part of that generation around during the early years of the AIDS epidemic. I lost my former…"
Mar 31, 2013
Dara Hoffman replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Today's Supreme Court hearing
"I thank you for the post as well and am eager to hear more about this.  I work extensively with the LGBT community and am curious as well as to how Jungian studies can be created around the issue of Gender Dysphoria."
Mar 30, 2013
Bonnie Bright replied to Cliff Bostock's discussion Today's Supreme Court hearing
"Thanks so much for this post, Cliff. I totally agree with you on all points and wonder how we might use the Alliance to collaborate or springboard a discussion and perhaps even resulting publications on the topic.
I just heard Susan Rowland speak at…"
Mar 26, 2013
Cliff Bostock replied to micheal sunanda's discussion A Dangerous Method & radical therapy
"Hey, Michael. No, I don't think your ideas are "too woo woo."

I worked about 2.5 years at Pocket Ranch in California, where the STAR program use to be conducted. Its director, Barbara Findeisen, is one of the founders of the Association for Pre- &…"
Oct 25, 2012

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  • Cliff, welcome to The Twilight Zone and Encountering the Numinous! I checked out your site and look forward to having you share your thoughts on the different issues that surface in these groups. Also, feel free to launch a thread on one or more issues of particular interest to you. Fresh voices are always welcome.

    I am a business coach, but I too use depth methods to help my clients reconnect with their deeper selves and move through blocks. In fact, my work today is very much influenced by my master's thesis which was entitled, "Images of Individuation: Using Collage to Inquire into the Nature of Disquiet." It was an amazing study and really changed my life as a business woman. That project focused on collage, but one could use drawing, or clay, or active imagination, or any number of non-rational methods to access what is outside of conscious thought for an individual. I will enjoy following your work.

  • Welcome to our smaller fellowship.
  • I hear you about what to do with a Depth Psych PhD...The good news is that this site is really beginning to be populated with lots of professionals who are doing exciting things with a Jungian or Depth Psych education. So much value in community!--hope it gives you some ideas and valuable connections...
  • Hello Cliff,

    Welcome to the site! I see you are from GA. You might want to join the Jung in the South group. We are planning to sponsor a conference in the South sometime this year. Six states are respresented in the group so far. Glad you are with us.


  • I've just visited your blog at "Sacred Disorder" and was glad that I had done so as it validates much of what I am always writing about - the power of images and of healing. It's good to meet another person here.
  • Hi Cliff. Welcome to the Alliance! I know your name...but not sure from where. Pacifica? Twitter? Forgive me: I'm sure I should remember! Regardless, so glad you're here and looking forward to knowing you more! Enjoy the community!
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PSYCHOLOGICAL LIFE begins in the imagination. That’s one reason I have a sign in my office, dangling from the mantel, that asks clients if they have a dream to share or if something unusual happened since their last session.

The latter — odd, sometimes surreal experiences — often communicate at great depth what is going on in a…

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9142438072?profile=original I've written a pretty lengthy post on my personal blog, Sacred Disorder (linked below), about my struggle with James Hillman's work and my encounters with him during my years at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Here's the opening:


James Hillman, whose work I have long regarded as my  intellectual mentor, died Thursday, Oct. 27.…
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A Jungian in Hollywood

My main work in the psychology field has been working with blocked artists of all kinds. It's difficult work, not least because the block is so painful.

By the time most get to me, they have developed an elaborate system to avoid the pain -- like drinking, having lots of sex and innumerable other compulsive activities.

A recent article in the New Yorker describes the…

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As I’ve explained many times, I don’t watch TV, so the Charlie Sheen brouhaha didn’t enter my awareness until a few days ago when I came across the above  video.  Then I Googled and found a zillion articles and video clips in which every mental health professional on the planet, like Dr. Drew, proffers an explanation of Sheen’s behavior.


Whatever the etiology…

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