Robert G. Longpré left a comment for Heide M Kolb
"Glad to have you as a friend, here, Heide. This is getting to be a place that is becoming more and more interesting. :) I wonder where this will take us, how it will act upon us, and how we will resonate and change because of our collective…"
Jan 9, 2011
Robert G. Longpré left a comment for Janice D. Bryer
"Hi Janice :)  
I like how you say that your "life journey" is linked to depth psychology.  I don't have the academic background of most people here, but I am just as interested in depth psychology as most here because it is about the journey.  I…"
Jan 7, 2011
Robert G. Longpré left a comment for Ann Jennings
"Like yourself, I am a new member here.  It is a good place to come when one is "curious."  My hope is that I discover more of the questions that I need to live through listening to others and having others resonate in some way to what I have to say.…"
Jan 7, 2011
Robert G. Longpré left a comment for Cliff Bostock
"I've just visited your blog at "Sacred Disorder" and was glad that I had done so as it validates much of what I am always writing about - the power of images and of healing. It's good to meet another person here."
Jan 7, 2011
Robert G. Longpré commented on Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D.'s blog post Egyptian origins
"I agree that Jung would have expanded the foundational basis of individuation.  But that said, what Jung did accomplish was to set so many of us heading into this realm of wonder in search of the questions.  Set/Seth/Satan with the counterpart…"
Jan 6, 2011
Robert G. Longpré replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Rituals for a new year? in Ritual Space
"There is a ritual that I have been following for quite a few decades, one of what happens physically to end one year in order to open up the "airways" for the new year. Each year, just before the last few hours of the old year, all the Christmas…"
Jan 6, 2011
Robert G. Longpré left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Hi Ed, I am looking forward to hearing more from you in the future, especially with comments on my "gods" posts which will be a focus for me here for the next bit.  I am drawing from scattered posts on my blog site:…"
Jan 4, 2011
Robert G. Longpré replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Is making New Year's resolutions aligned with the Self?
"I don't make New Year's resolutions.  This isn't because of some deeply held conviction, but more about laziness and a lack of focus needed to keep resolutions to the forefront of my awareness.  I wonder if resolutions are about surrendering or if…"
Jan 4, 2011
Robert G. Longpré replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Disturbing Trend as Die-offs Increase
"I don't think that many really want to know the answer to these questions.  The answers might demand too much of modern man/woman, demand too much significant change in beliefs, values and lifestyle."
Jan 4, 2011
Robert G. Longpré replied to Carla Leutscher's discussion Is shadow influencing our workchoice?
"Interesting thoughts here.  I appreciated the Earth Pages link, Bonnie.  I have no doubt at all that shadow pulls us into all manner of interactions with other.  Careers?  Yes, at least for me.  I am a quiet, introvert, yet my career as a teacher…"
Jan 4, 2011

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    Hi Robert,

    I agree, I am not at all a joiner, but this site and Bonnie's energy just felt right. I am really looking forward to exploring this site more....and yes I am open for the journey, let's see where this road will take us... the world needs soulful communities like this right now more than ever~ sending greetings from New York to China : )


  •      Robert, 

    Thank you for your comment. 

    I use depth psychology and Jung in particular as a compass to my own spiritual work.Jung has pointed out in his works the way to the inner self through mythology, astrology, alchemy and Tarot the template of the archetypes that reside within us all. We just have to look around our own environment and there are signs and symbols guiding us if we just open our eyes and notice.

    I look forward to more nsights from this group.



  • Hi Robert. Wow. How exciting on so many fronts. The retirement, the travels in China, and the treasure trove you have created in that amazing quantity of blog posts. I can only imagine the gems you must have, and again, am so thrilled you're open to sharing even the smallest portion of it.

    My goal for the Alliance has truly been to help get Depth Psych out into the world because this is how I feel I can best support the Anima Mundi right now. Your willingness to engage and make your own unique and generous contribution toward that process is something I can only begin to appreciate.
    As we get to know each other better, perhaps we can creatively and organically brainstorm what would be ideal for you--if, indeed, it is anything beyond being present in the space as you now are.

    All the best,
  • Hi Robert! Welcome to the Alliance. Its great to see you here: you are a legend in your own time as your fascinating blogs are retweeted endlessly on Twitter. I am so happy that you are willing to share them here in the community! Your accounts of your experiences in China through a Jungian lens are thoroughly enjoyable. Enjoy the site, and I look forward to more.
  • Welcome Robert (Bob?),

    Just finishing The Creation of Consciousness by Edinger and on my way to Aion. I hope your interest in the God-archetype and the way it operates and has been coopted by others will be a focus of interest on the site. I look forward to your input.


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