I am posting a paper I wrote for Pacifica regarding the phenomenon of Donald Trump. It is an analysis of what is happening from a Jungian perspective, outlining the underlying dynamics of our current environment. I believe we as a country need to look at the implications of Mr. Trump's popularity. We ignore this reality at our own peril. I hope it is useful for anyone inclined to read it.

The Trickster of 2016_Understanding the Phenomenon of Donald Trump.pdf

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  • donald  trump is a reality TV star... the same reality as every u. s. reality star... a reality of their own creation and a MEDIA Empire. If there is no god, then in whom do we trust is not a question, it is a statement. If one is certain either way, it is a logical inconsistency... one is certain of a question but one cannot be certain of an answer. The u s or any election is not free. It is under the influences of familial, socio-economic, CULTURE (Jung's Semi Universal Unconscious). There can never be a Universal  HUMAN Unconsciousness until there is ONE Universal HUMAN Awareness. The Issue is: INCLUSION or EXCLUSION? Absolutism is Exclusion and Universalism is Inclusion. Donald Trump is nothing more than an old rich playboy who wants to be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Regan rolled up into ONE BIG SUPREME COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Comparing U. S. Playboys is an interesting reflection in my Old Age. I respect Huge Hefner significantly because he is a self made male human primate who was Inclusive in his choice of what Other human primate Thought or ART he choose to direct to public awareness (mostly male because of the images). A true journalist in the Edward R. Murrow tradition. Donald Trump surrounds himself with mostly white attractive human primates. By whatever means necessary, and he has many (extreme wealth, celebrity... ), he chooses a few token visible minority figures as a pathetic attempt to fake Inclusion.

    If there is no god then MIGHT MAKES RIGHT... but might does not make Truth whatever that might be.

    Both my paternal Grand Parents were born rightttttt Thereeeeee in those u s of these here americas...

    does that make me half americannnn... if it does i know it is the Bottom half of me.

    i did not create any of the human sub collectives that demonize my existence...

    voyage in peace all your days dear sister...

    "by any means necessary..." hopefully peacefully  

  • A Great paper, Julia! Very well written, and fun to read.Thank you for posting it! I loved the Trickster class at Pacifica. Great discussion of the shadow, and I enjoyed your references.

    Kimberlyn McGreal, MA (Pacifica 2008)
  • Organization

    why is donald trump so popular. He is riding the groundswell of anger and disgust at the corrupt and disgusting political establishment. The Augean Stables need to be cleaned out the before filth corruption and parasitical self serving elites materialistic imperative engenders chaos..

    For example, who is protecting these boneheads whose self serving material lust would see 80% of american male children autistic by 2032. The politicians huh? The bought and paid for politicians who have taken the payoffs and turned a blind eye to the autistic scourge that is sweeping america today. Now they are resorting to censorship so as to maintain the profits for the criminal pharmaceutical enterprise.. 

    In 1978, only one in 16,000 people were autistic. In recent years, numbers have soared to unexpected levels. It has been predicted that, if present trends continue, in 16 years times (by 2032) half of all children being born will be autistic, with 80 percent of boys having the condition.

    Big Pharma Accused of Starting Autism Pandemic with MMR Vaccine
  • I suppose Klemens Swib will disagree on this one, but Trump in a way represents two interpretations of being masculine/manly. One is to be violent/coercive (for instance insulting other people especially if they walk and talk differently) and the other one is to be different, to dare to try something. One version of a "tough guy" defends his people and the other one hurts and humiliates enemies (or eliminates a brother of a warmonger from the presidential race). 

    In a way "it's time" for so-called liberals to take over the role of the world policeman, to elect in 2020 a transgender President who will be "worried" about democracy in China and destroy all of us. - You bet there will be American investments for that cause. - "We expected about twenty Panthers to be in the apartment when the police raided the place. Only two of those black niggers were killed, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark."

  • This ad just begs for a psychological interpretation. Russia, just like ISIS created for the perpetual and profitable war, are "just in case" treated like enemies. Also, does it communicate to a human being or someone/something below the human level?

    • Organization


      All I can add is my reaction to this brilliant advertisement. It says both Putin and Isis are tough customers. America is getting its comeuppance in Syria the Ukraine the Middle East and with Isis. That is as obvious as the nose on your the rest of the world at least.  Clinton and the American political establishment are so beholden to the special interests that they do not have a clue as to how to meet the serious challenges confronting America today. Clinton is so far gone that she thinks that barking like a dog is some kind of smart response to these challenges. She won't even face up to the dismal economic calamity that is bearing down on the good ship America. Eight years after the Lehman collapse the politicians have done absolutely nothing to deal with the economic mess they allowed to get out of hand. Like a dog she eats her own vomit and barks in exultation. Putin the chess master just laughs at the idiocy of the broad.

      Enough with the projections. Clinton called Trump an embarrassment to the USA. Trump immediately struck back with this lightning bolt of an ad. And why not he shut her down in the blink of an eye when she tried to smear him with the sexist allegation. The enabler and fierce defender of pervert bill had the audacity to call trump the sexist. The Trump campaign is already compiling the stories of the victims of sexist bills inappropriate encounters. The controlled mainstream media and their teflon coating and cover ups for the chosen elites is being bypassed by the internets new avenues of communication. This Trump  response to Clinton calling him an embarrassment to the USA was sent out over instagram. it was so brilliant and compelling it then turned up on every one of the mainstream media outlets. I can't wait for Trump to bring up the Libyan and Benghazi fiascos. Hillary's primary residence should be a federal prison and not the White House. 

      • That's definitely a legit way of reading it. It's totally zen. There is a koan (a question with a goal to achieve enlightenment/figuring out) that goes something like stop a galloping horse or stop a train while sitting still. In this case it's more like a trainwreck. That "barking" is very profitable and frightening

        The USA had an enormous opportunity to contribute to some kind of postmodern mentality of people who dare to be creative and interesting. Instead there is that, I don't know how to name it. The system was hijacked by parasites who are neither creative nor interesting (everyone will be popular after the 1000th appearance on TV) and who are now paying from the national budget to creative and interesting people to find new ways to hurt fellow humans. 

  • Your point is well-taken and is necessary...a great aid to dive into depth conversations.  Peace + Love Linda

  • - Flashback: Hillary Clinton Under "Sniper Fire" in Bosnia     The war in Bosnia and not just that Mrs. Clinton's speech was one big lie. Alija Izetbegovic (the second Muslim politician behind Fikret Abdic (he could have made the war in former Yugoslavia impossible because no one would fight against him) at the time after the elections, but mysteriously moved to the top as someone who was loud and clear about the genocide of Christians (Muslims "becoming the majority" in Bosnia). How would civilized westerners behave under the threat of genocide? How should (pro-)Russians behave under the threat of riots and neo-Nazism, economic isolation and nuclear missiles in their backyard? The concept of racial superiority among people from the West, especially because they are convinced they are "helping" someone, is a very dangerous ideology. That "expert" is perfectly aware why Russia is behaving the way it does, but he doesn't show any respect for human life. The whole Ukraine voted for separation from the Soviet Union, but the eastern part is sick and tired of riots and Orange Revolutions that are NOT elections.

    On the other hand, it's pointless to comment online someone's racism such as yours (the eastern part of Ukraine doesn't have the right to think) if my parents are also racists (about the Middle East).

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