Bud Koss commented on Wayne Terry's blog post A Tribute to Noam Chomsky
"Hello Wayne,
Like you, I experienced the challenge to assimilate the trauma of childhood in my adult years.  The impact of authoritarian style of force, fear and failure was a power filled method used by adults around me.  It was college that…"
Oct 30, 2016
Wayne Terry commented on Evan Hanks's blog post The Conscious Perception of Opposites
"Beneath our scientific preoccupations, we remain in the stage of psychological awareness reflected in our religious heritage. Behind the curtain of moral judgment lurk the split figures of good and evil:
The facticity of Now and Human Existence…"
Sep 21, 2016
Wayne Terry replied to Julia Grant's discussion Why is Donald Trump so popular? A Jungian view.
"donald  trump is a reality TV star... the same reality as every u. s. reality star... a reality of their own creation and a MEDIA Empire. If there is no god, then in whom do we trust is not a question, it is a statement. If one is certain either…"
Sep 20, 2016
Wayne Terry commented on Depth Alliance's blog post New Interview: "Encountering Sabina Spielrein: Forging Paths To and Through Powerful Women in Depth Psychology
"if old soldiers never die they just fade away where do old soldiers of Peace go? The same place in both biological cases: biological death: but, there is evidence of the ideology that, at least in part, caused  Documented Human Historical Records to…"
Sep 19, 2016
Wayne Terry commented on Robert Romanyshyn's blog post Resurrecting the Dead: A Reflection on Technology
"I would rank Mary's Shelley's in the top three novels that have impacted on my personal psychology. I have posted my take on the novel. If you are interested on my take, it can be found in my blog post titled Confessions of a Bipolar One Secondary…"
Sep 14, 2016
Wayne Terry left a comment for Amelia Kirkner
Aug 9, 2016

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