• Michael Meade

    James Hollis

    Parker Palmer

    Veronica Goodchild

    Rumi--kidding, i'm kidding, but it would be nice!

    Phil Cousineau

  • I'm adding Eva's suggestions so she doesn't have to do it yet again (She already emailed them to me AND answered the survey). Thanks, Eva!

    1. Bonnie Bright

    2. Monika Wikman

    3. James Hollis

    4. Richard Tarnas

    5. Marian Dunlea

  • In no particular order:






    Side note: Roughly a year ago I was in dialogue with Moore concerning conference speaking and he's expensive. Also, I think it's wise to get speakers from the area. 

  • Sanford L. Drob (Kabbalist Jungian)

    Stephen Hoeller (Gnostic Jungian)

    Jeffrey Satinover (brilliant edgy free thinker, sometimes disagreeing with current mainstream Jungians)

    Christine Downing (always intriguing)

    James Hollis

  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes;

    Marion Woodman (I know she is retired, but I can dream);

    Robert Bosnak;

    Michael Meade;

    Thomas Moore

  • Mary Watkins

    Glen Slater

    Rick Tarnas is always awesome

    Susan Rowland

  • Patricia Berry

    Dennis Merritt

    Leslie Gray- lives in San Fran area and I love her work. Top Choice- Bay Area people do you know her? 

    Jerome S. Bernstein

    Muriel McMahon

    Patricia Damery

  • Donald Kalsched
    Robert Moore
    Richard Tarnas
    Sylvia Brinton Perera
    Ann Ulanov
    Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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