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  • Wishing you all a Happy Mythic Holidays and cheers for 2015--

  • Welcome mythologists! Glad to see you here. I really enjoyed reading your proposals and hope to see some discussion about them here as you practice what you have learned.

  • I am delighted we have this forum and I look forward to the webinar on our personal myths.

  • I am presently exploring the archetypal field of "story" by asking questions. I began by checking out dictionary definitions and I was amazed at how limited the definitions of story are.

  • Thanks for setting this up. I'm looking forward to going deeper with you all.

  • Welcome, survivors of the Applied Myth Certificate Level 1! Here is where you get to discuss how you will apply what you learned and what your dreams are for future projects. Cheers--

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Trying to identify an image

I was in the midst of a meditation and as I shifted my perception over to my observer, I conjured an image of myself in which I was looking at the back of my own head sitting in an empty theater. I was observing myself observe the stage. The stage was mostly empty apart from a river which flowed across from right to left, and downstage left of the river was a dark metal bucket full of water that was lightly boiling. I am pretty confident that the water in each of its forms represents my…

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