Lecture 11 - Red Book Study Group

OK, another huge Session. As Janet said, “ This would make a great play.” or Robbie saying it could be a dadaist movie. This section alone could be one. Wow!

I love the recaps Robbie does. This one really helped me in seeing the necessity of after the big activity of creation one needs to disassociate from the identity of Creator [God] and connect with the painful reality of ordinariness in order to continue on.

Well here are some notes I took that stood out for me.

The whole The Imitation of Christ section.
“If I thus truly imitate Christ I do not imitate anyone, I emulate no one and go my own way and will also no longer call myself a Christian.”
We cannot follow anyone’s model. Cannot be a Christian, a Jungian .....
Nothing predictable about his life, walking with his author.
Author of your being writes your story.

Being a gay person I was forced to emancipate from Christianity, as well as the laws of our government.
Thank god[dess] I found dream work.
To me the author of my being writes my dreams.
So then we let go of all the teachings and “ ... begin down there, where I stood.”.

...and we begin in the “kitchen.”
..”not for man to choose his lot.”
Surrender to grace / faith / hope.
“We have to divine the wishes of the author.” To me it is surrendering to / waiting on & for my dreams[the creative spirit]
.. “live as noble a life as you [I] can.” ... of course figuring out how to live it is the trick (in the mercurial misleading world of dreams!)

“Let go daimon, you did not live your animal.”

The men in the white coats come to continue on the burning times of the early European witch hunts. (locking up those connected to the Other worlds, and of course that attitude continues on to this day.)

“I accepted the chaos, and in the following night, my soul approached me.”
Leading us into the amazing session 12, divine madness, the ancestors, the Dead!


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  • Good morning fellow TRB travellers - according to our lecture course timetable, we are now in Lecture 12, and I am patiently waiting for our co-leaders launching of same in this group site plus I have asked Ric's for his pictorial offering into Lecture 12 which I love seeing.  Peace + love Linda 

  • Good morning Lauren - how wonderful to connect in our deeply held, collective conscious/unconscious ways from similar/but distinctly different life scripts with the others placed in our inner circle for our lifetime and beyond.  I can deeply hear, know and appreciate your stated facts "my body is depleted," anticipatory fear/hope of entering into a healing sanctuary, trust God's mercy/lovingkindness of others, part/parcel of this aspect of your journey.  

    Bravo fellow sojourner - not to worry "what others will think" for you have no control over them and no doubt, as long as your breath is connected with your body/spirit - and you so seek this deep level of healing (embodied/visible to those who can hear/see) - unpack you shall for in the end, we are "not heavy, we are each others sisters/brothers"  (fond recall of the song - He's not heavy, he's my brother).

    Divine everything - mysteries, miracles...unpacking our own personal madness which is but one part of the equation...Happy to hear you are contemplating lightening your own personal, historical load.  My prayers are with you.  Peace + love Linda

  • Good Morning Linda,

    Something else came to my mind and I want to add something to our Fractal responses, which I like to share.

    When we draw a Mandala, the center is the point – it marks so to say (by others) the present of this specific Mandala.
    When we watch a Fractal, we can not follow the starting point – its movement of Creation is a “never ending” movement !
    Too much for me to comprehend, but in the Fractal I can see it is there – and so, the “moment” that we draw a Mandala, it is placed “somewhere” in the Fractal of Whole Creation.

    Matthew 10-29. (New Living Translation 2007).
    What is the price of two sparrows--one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.

    Have a nice Tuesday – Love Ric.

  • Good morning Linda,


    Your first responses were like delightful Ice cream – but with your last Post your certainly added a top of whipped cream on top of the ice cream !


    Amazing that you found these connections – Petra and I were astonished to learn about the paintings of Louis Wain and in his last period (of schizophrenia) the resembling  with Fractals.


    God Geometrizes.


    Thank you and have a nice Sunday – Ric.

  • OMG Ric - thoughts of mental fractals comes to my mind, the view of their being rough fractals, and fractal relation to schizophrenia, mental illness,.......


    later....peace & love Linda

  • Oh, I forgot,

    When watching the zooming in and out, images of Fractals came to my mind, very interesting discovery.


  • Good morning Ric - I also tried the link and it did not work - below are two other possibilities:



    Hope one of these works - if not, Google Print Gallery Escher and you will see the link.

    Hoping for a wonderful weekend for you too!  Peace + love Linda 

    Escher's Print Gallery Explained
    An amazing visual explanation of Escher's Print Gallery.
  • Oops forgot to share the pdf that triggered me so....


  • Good afternoon Ric - Wow!  Thanks for sharing this amazing compilation of Escher's Print Gallery - an infinite, optical illusion which intrigued me to search Google for more.  I found the video that explains the infinite aspect and notice that the movement starts at the 'white spot' (where his signature is said to be), shifts to the right and simply noticed he did not use a black hole.  Someone commented that this is a perfect melding of art and math.....


    And then, you shared the words 'nox tertia' which I also wanted to Google and I found a pdf of the 3 nights gamers use...and this triggered me deeply....

    This article activated painful memories of our son's exposure into a weekend D&D gaming experience, during my PhD process - open systems theories, etc., published a study in an article in Youth & Child Care about this experience - the time he was indocrinated into the hells (see pdf).  

    I told my teacher that I thought that if I didn't know my name, at this particular time, that I would go mad...the loss (mental sanity) of our son was too much, culminated one weekend of his indocrination into his peer group of gaming madness.  My first hand experience (day dreams) with thought reform/exit counselling back in those days (80's).  My teacher was wonderfully supportive and asked/reminded me that I did know my name, we had work to do, people to help....too much mind over matter; depth/breath material, unbalanced, and not enough spirit/soul - love grounding within academia (in those days).  

    Even Jung warned "Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism" (Memories, Dreams, Reflections Ch. 12).

    I certainly learned my lesson during my in-depth studies - etymology of a dozen - good/evil theism/theories followed by a dozen - quasi-neutral or human control theorems to answer the infamous graduate question - What is the nature of the person - are we born good, evil or neutral?  I was and remain one very happy camper when my dissertation was completed and I remained sane, but forever changed!

    We all survived, learned and were transformed during those times.  I lost my unusual, regressed and suspended disembodied state of 'naive innocence of my magical child within' (birth/death imprint), however, I made it through the PhD process without too much contamination to her (as my professor had hoped for).  

    I completed my healing work at age 55 and remain embodied since.  It's a lot safer way of being in the world.  I no longer feel alien within my peer group nor culture of my/these times.  We all have our paths/lessons to learn and stories to tell.  I remain grateful to my teachers, mentors and my family/friends for all the love and understanding (anchors/compasses) while I entered other's roads more/less traveled and along the way with the other, discovered my gifts, blessings earned along-the/my-way.

    OMG - we are only half-way through TRB.  Yes, I am impatient and in this moment - I do not want to go anywhere near Jung's, gaming or occult hells any further.  Thirty years has lapsed since my entrance into graduate studies and my discernment goes off with the sight of the content within the pdf uploaded!  

    One ought not mess around with the light/dark powers - nox tertia indeed!  Regards Linda

  • Dear Forum Members:
    Linda and anyone else who doesn't have the facsimile edition of RB (or even if you do):
    Here is a wonderful youtube of the pictures in RB.


    Pages 79-97 which Robbie speaks about in Lecture 10 are shown from minute 1:34-2:09 in the you tube.
    Reminder: if you want to get an email notification when someone posts in the current Lecture Forum, go to the current Forum lecture # and click on Follow.

    As I mull over Lectures 10 and 11, I'm reminded of the Hindu god, Siva, named creator, preserver, destroyer. Jung struggles to hold the creative and destructive aspects of god making and the God/human relationship- the opposition between creative spirit and matter.
    Hinduism reveals a god that includes creation and destruction. Quite different from our polarized Judeo-Christian paradigm.

    There is so much in these lectures it's hard to know where to jump in.
    I've been eating beef liver recently. Something's up!

    Thanks Lauren for your thoughtful sharing about the impact of Lecture 10 as reflected in your dreams, I Ching and Tarot. I am particularly struck by "the voracious hunger to fill inner emptiness...How I have cannibalized colleagues by wishing to be more like them." The horrible beauty of telling our truth. If this is the demon/devil then bring it on. Along with your comments about authorities on pedestals, I'm reminded of the way so many of us as children feel eaten by our parents.

    Please know that it's fine to continue commenting on previous lectures when it seems that we've moved on. As Robbie says about the last picture , #97--the upside down egg is only in a temporary state of completion until it cracks again.

    p.s. I myself had not clicked on Follow for Lecture 11 so I missed the most recent posts. Glad to see them-- more to ponder.

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