Lecture 4 March 2-16, 2013

Dear Red Book Forum Members,

Welcome to Lecture Four of The Red Book  March 2-16, 2013 covering Liber Secundus Chapters 1and 2.

Newcomers are most welcome to introduce yourselves and share how the Red Book is affecting you.  Please don’t be shy about asking for logistical support.

Here I’ll cover logistics. Then over the weekend Chris and I will post content from the lecture that has stirred each of us.

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I look forward to reading your comments and invite you to continue sharing ideas/responses/aha’s with one another. Robbie will be clarifying and commenting along the way of this long journey.  Chris and I will tend to the logistics, share our own process with the Red Book, and comment as we can on your posts.

What an age we live in.  Seventy people from around the world able to meet in community to speak about the value of living life—the inner life!


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  • Good afternoon Fellow Red Book Sojourner's - in keeping with this age we live in, inner life and the depth of it all while navigating the DPA within the Red Bood Forum with participants from around the world contemplating the Spirit of Jung's time - civilization pre-WW1 - 11 and fast forwarding to civilization as it is on our time; I wanted to share a video piece that came my way a couple of days ago that blew me away to a place of knowing I am grateful living in the small hamlet of Water Valley in Alberta, Canada.  Regards Linda 

    • Oops - the video did not get uploaded and here is my second attempt - got to love this resistence!  Regards Linda

    • OK - this did not work, so I will send an email with the video attached to Bonnie and hopefully she will be able to post it for all to see.  Regards Linda

  • Good morning Ric - interesting question/explanation mark concerning 'the leading one is the Unconscious and the other is the Conscious.'  I will need to ponder this one for there were two of us engaged in this specific Tango moment of Time Zero that was observed by our SRT training group (collective).  

    Yes, my transformation of unconscious to consciousness was realized on that day and in that unbound moment.  Wishes for a great day with lots of peace and love back to you.  Regards Linda

  • Hi Linda,

    This is what I call extraordinary – is this the Poem that you lost for awhile ?

    Written 7 years ago, and now, just when the question about Dancing the Tango is actual in this Lecture, you found the Poem again and shared it with us – how amazing !!

    Yes, I think after reading it, I am very impressed to learn about your vision /explanation of how you experienced Dancing the Tango – and that is only half of the story, because the other concerns in what you as individual must have “felt” during the process.
    Unfortunately we can’t follow you in this deep individual feeling experience – we can only imagine what a tremendous ” impact” this must have caused !

    I think that with this Poem you topped Robbie’s expectation, by putting the question to us – and you sharing your answer with us.
    Thank you again from Ric.

    • Good morning Ric - the conceptualization of Tango for me was the end point of a long reflective process/journey that began with a 'rude awakening' in 1983 and spanned 22 years and the phenomenal occurrences, insights, changes and depth of feelings I traversed was tremendous. I am forever changed - grateful.  Thank you for encouraging me to share this piece and being so present in our forum experience.  Have a great day.  Regards Linda

  • Dear Red Book Forum Members,

    Are you more a talker than a writer? I am. I have no trouble talking about what’s inspiring me in our Red Book Forum. But I can clutch when it comes to writing. That said, here goes.

    I’m very taken by this word “lysis” which means -loosening, breaking down, destroying, separating, the gradual decline of a disease. Below are Red Book moments of keen, magical transformation. Robbie refers to each as the lysis and calls it the end of the drama. Each transformation takes my breath away like mentholated frosty air and moves in me the way a moment in theater or dreamwork takes me over. They seem to come out of nowhere—like magic. When the image is experienced as real its essential nature is revealed. The habitual ego perspective of knowing dies for the transformation/new life to come. Like Jung/”I”, I find I need to learn this over and over again to begin to trust its reality. And there is great resistance to this process. I can fall off in the direction of banality—missing the potential for my mind to allow the creative imaginal transformation to take place or in the direction of the fabulous/Oh Wow—making too much of the experience (perhaps I’ve done this above?). And I sense how this loosening, breaking down, destroying is a dis-ease (and healing) process. Loosening—like untangling a necklace chain, like teasing apart/inviting the senses of an image until its life is felt. I find this a daring adventure requiring me to live inner and outer life with more courage than I think I have. I’m glad to have unfrozen and gotten some of what’s moving me said. Good harbinger of Spring!

    (First number is Facsimile edition and then Reader’s edition page numbers.)

    The frozen tree whose leaves turned into sweet grapes full of healing juice Fac 231, RE 124

    The red of the rider transforms itself into a tender reddish flesh color and my green garments burst into leaf. Fac 260, RE 216

    “So you see: even banal reality is a redeemer. I thank you dear friend, and I bring you greetings from Salome.” With these words her shape dissolves into darkness. Dim moonlight penetrates the room. Where she stood something shadowy lies—it is a profusion of red roses. Fac 263, RE 224

    For those who want more:
    ly•sis a combining form with the meaning “breaking down, loosening, decomposition,” used in the formation of compound words: analysis; electrolysis; paralysis.
    New Latin, from Latin, a loosening, from Greek lusis, from l ein, to loosen; see leu- in Indo-European roots.]
    1. Immunology, Biochemistry. the dissolution or destruction of cells by lysins.
    2. Medicine/Medical. the gradual recession of a disease. Compare crisis
    Lysis is the gradual decline of a disease process, such as a fever. More precisely, lysis is "the disintegration of cells or cell organelles
    Whenever an English word ends in lysis or lytic it is derived from this basic Greek verb, meaning "to destroy" or "to separate."
    And even more about lysis at:
    change in form, appearance, nature, or character.
    Theater . a seemingly miraculous change in the appearance of scenery or actors in view of the audience.

    Origin: 1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin trānsfōrmātiōn- (stem of trānsfōrmātiō ) change of shape. See trans-, formation
    I can’t remember if this link to Wikipedia on Embodied Imagination has been posted here. It is a good summary for those of you not familiar with EI.

    Dream well,


  • Good morning Gunni-Britt - I concur with you that without the Study Guides and Lectures - the depth of Jung's journey would have passed me by, for his real, unreal and surreal (primary, secondary frameworks and ground), experiences are steeped deep in ideals, the emerging psychology - waves of his time, plus re-connections with ancient wisdom.

    No need to apologize to us - I have been quiet and holding too.  Regards Linda

  • Good morning Ric - thanks for sharing your joyous memories of nurturing and befriending the baby squirrel your dog delivered to you in childhood.  How wonderful an experience is that!  We have a pet squirrel we feed peanuts to every Sunday and we have named him Sammy.  I concur with you that these creatures are cute rascals.

    Getting deeper into conversation with you, concerning joy and dancing, shall be my pleasure.

    One branch of my ancestry comes from behind the iron curtain in the old Ukraine and the other branch from Italy.  Both sets of grandparents fled/immigrated at the turn of the century into Canada, pre-WW1 and unlike Jung's German heritage; there is no sense of superiority and instead a strong heritage of family life and entrepreneurs.

    Considering the above - Jung's numinous experience begins with his awakening that Red One (Devilish) was the joy of his serious German heritage (ego identification) and that to taste this joy is to forget oneself.  I will need to just be with this thought longer, so I shall close for now, revisit this entry and return to our conversation - another day, for today I am celebrating our 45th Anniversary and unable to get my mind off my beloved long enough to delve into Jung's Red One's transformation.  Regards Linda

    • Good morning Ric - I ponder our sharing and this is what comes to me today.  The fanaticism (if I may be so bold to state this), of the "joy of his serious German heritage" - this introject - as both an outer (wordly), and inner (ego) infused into a nation of people by a leader today, considered a meglomaniac (the face of some of the deepest, darkest shadow material humans have experienced to date) - indoctrinated (unduly influenced) on such a grand scale - I am relieved Jung's ego went deeper into himself (inner world/landscape to find a way out of all of that outer maddness.

      Concerning The Red One's shortcomings of Jung's dogma (Christian belief) that it is only by enduring the pain of Christ that one can be(come) a Christian, therefore, everything else that is different is Devil(ish); then, The Red One becomes a fleshy color, clothes Jung in green (becomes one with the leaves of the tree [of life]) - and your words - the 'nut cracking' of Jung's Ego.

      I love your use of faces - the one side of "Force of Joy" attached to the outer world - the superficial Ego (Eros - pleasure, primal desire, erotic/lusty side of love - false face/save face), utilized until deeper discernment reveals something is amuk/just wrong or awaiting and that one may have been living a lie.

      Is what you and Robbie are saying is that - our dance with the unconscious contains all the notes (light/dark harmonics) to engage in the rhythm/music of one's chosen tango (opus) in life?

      This new face of the 'Force of Joy' you speak of appears to me as other wordly polar opposite present and questioned - on a huge scale in Jung's time (WW1 + 2), I notice within the writings of The Red Book:

      The savior complex (the identification with the compassion of Christ sufferings on the cross for humanities sake - deliverance and forgiveness from sin) - a foundation stone of  Christianity.  

      Then, there are the additional and equally strong and competing religious (spiritual) identifications (introjects) occurring on a grand, wordly scale - the foundation stones of all those religions also infused with prophesies - Jewish, Muslim, etc.) and finally, the  presentation of the face of "a little child" (innocence, pure Agape love) - to receive the wisdom (goodness) from the Kingdom of God Almighty.

      In our Red Book studies - the time is coming to think about how the dance enters in this world, what The Red One brings, and the Tango of Life.

      Form me, the dance is our exposure and the interplay within all the forces of man-made and natural nature and the juxtaposition of the pain/pleasure principles and degrees of love - we personally have known through experience within the spectrum of  love: eros - compassion - agape.

      Mine too is a long story back to you.  What can I say - we are elders and have been dancing for awhile now.  My Tango of life is about time zero and freedom from containers of fight/flight and faint/freeze traumatic reactions - so beyond dogma about the simple 'breath of life."

      Good news - I have located a copy I shared with my daughter, and she is forwarding it to me.  Then, at that point in time - I will need to overcome my shyness sharing my dance with  you all.  Have a great day Ric.  Regards Linda

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