Lecture 4 March 2-16, 2013

Dear Red Book Forum Members,

Welcome to Lecture Four of The Red Book  March 2-16, 2013 covering Liber Secundus Chapters 1and 2.

Newcomers are most welcome to introduce yourselves and share how the Red Book is affecting you.  Please don’t be shy about asking for logistical support.

Here I’ll cover logistics. Then over the weekend Chris and I will post content from the lecture that has stirred each of us.

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I look forward to reading your comments and invite you to continue sharing ideas/responses/aha’s with one another. Robbie will be clarifying and commenting along the way of this long journey.  Chris and I will tend to the logistics, share our own process with the Red Book, and comment as we can on your posts.

What an age we live in.  Seventy people from around the world able to meet in community to speak about the value of living life—the inner life!


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    • Hi All!

      Sorry to be so quiet...it does not mean I have lost interest, to the contrary, the unfolding of the pages of the Red Book, and the lectures have left me close to speechless...wondering...pondering....stumbling... peering into the darkness....waiting for what...I am not sure, but also intriqued and spellbound. Jungs storyline reads like a play, or a fairytale when he is not interpreting. I am really appreciative of the lectures, without which I would have gotten lost by now.

  • Good evening Ric - phenomenal experience communicating with you in The Netherlands and me - in Canada.  I can also identify with early memories being engraved (encoded) on our slate, and from my vantage point now that I had healing opportunity to process/reconcile with my array of blueprints, imprints and traumatic impacts accumulated along the road of life - my rude awakenings (beginning of my desert experience), began at age 35 and my sense of core healing experience occurred at age 57 (dance with Salamander/other) to arrive at a place named Time Zero (Self-Regulation Therapy (SRT) Trauma/Healing Vortex Ideal), which for me was akin to dancing the Tango.

    I went on a little search for this poem I wrote about that experience, and as resistance would have it; that poem is lost.  So, I have my answer in the resistance concerning your suggestion - 'shy not share the poem with us.  

    In the interim, I will patiently wait, holding - knowing the poem will re-surface.

    I love the metaphorical images you have provided within the synchronicity of the flock of Flamingos engaged in Ritual Dance.  Those deep rhythmic, mystical connections and flow states between the I/Thou/Other's of both animal and human nature engaged in divine mystery into dance.  I can also envision your image of the native medicine man engaged in healing dance. 

    Thank you sharing your additional images which activates vibrational harmonics about them that stirs me, and I hope you had a nice dinner.  I am about to sit down to mine, so sounds like your evening is my morning.  Regards Linda

    PS Upon proof reading I note my 'Freudian' slip with your word "why" and my unconscious disclosure 'shy' - I was tempted to correct it, however, I shall be brave and takes these leaps of faith to be spontaneously in the moment - without questioning to see what else will be revealed to me/us.


    • My healing metaphor, Tango has returned to me which I humbly submit to Fellow Soujourner's within The Red Bood Forum.  I noticed this healing dance/blessing occurred over 7 years ago for me. 

      Regards Linda 


  • Good morning Fellow Red Book Sojourner's - I have been attentively following comments; holding and reflective.  It amazes me that I do not have to travel around the world to connect with like-minded colleagues on the matter and value of an inner, embodied living.  I need to relisten to Lecture 4 for Robbie speaks of dancing and when I think of dancing and inner life - I immediately envision a core healing experience I had, a poem I wrote referencing the other and the healing dance being akin to the sense of partaking in a tango.  Lovely memory - spring is around the corner - the squirrels are into the chase - and I will go back to Lecture 4, listen, ponder and wander somemore.  Regards Linda

  • Adventures of the Wandering

    What comes to mine as I ponder this section is the call to continue to approach our journey through/into the Red Book in the same way that the ‘I’ is experiencing his journeys.

    In the beginning of the section The Castle in the Forest (261/220) The I that has lost it’s way is stumbling through the darkness.  So we can’t be afraid to stumble, Robbie says that when the ‘identity’ is taken away, the mode of movement is stumbling.

    Also I think it is important and can’t be said too many times or in too many ways that if we can move through life, indeed the Red Book, with the attitude of waiting (The Red One - ...Your waiting has called me.” (259/212) ),  of not knowing,  of encountering what happens along our path without judgement, interpretation or making meaning / understanding, there is the possibility of the Other revealing it’s nature, indeed the possibility of ourselves being moved by and connected to the Other is a deeper way.

    The way the ‘I’ shifts from it’s interpretation of the banality of the old man’s daughters situation (like a drugstore novel) to one of compassion.  And here he reveals the key to this, by really experiencing her as real, as he “learned in the Mysterium: to take seriously every unknown wanderer who personally inhabits the inner world, since they are real because they are effectual’” (260/217) And as Robbie spoke to the actual translation of effectual is “that which really works, really has effects.”

    This part of the lecture really began a shift for me.  I started to experience the process of allowing the transit (feeling the reality) between a dream element / daemon and me in a deeper way.  

    Janet worked a dream with me recently that had a photo in a book of a teacher of mine as a young girl.   When Chris in the dream first started being with that image I think ‘I’ stopped the transit first by just seeing her as a plain little girl just like me (“bewitched by the banal” (262/224) ) and then as I began to allow the transit, the young girl became very real, like in a Harry Potter book, and I stopped it again by getting caught up in the fabulousness, the ‘magical” quality of the image. (“so do not let the fabulous come between us.” (262/224) ) I can see now that in ‘practicing’  (bringing up the elements of the dreams) this dream composite, that includes this young girl, I can continue to allow her ‘reality’  to reveal itself the more I hold her as real, and that seems to allow for a relational aspect to emerge (I start to feel her being connected to Chris in the dream).    I can tell I’m on the right track because this relationship feels a little scary and vulnerable to me.

    I’m not sure how the sharing of dreams and the Embodied Imagination process is translating for those of you not familiar with it.  I’m trying to keep it concise and clear but please feel free to ask any questions about the process and how it may relate to the journeys of the Red Book.  Robbie will be referencing it more in the upcoming lectures.

    And then there is the Red Rider who is Joy, who is another kind of dancing.

    Lots to be with.  

    I wonder, can we be with, wait on,  the Red Rider in his reality and experience perhaps a joy, a kind of dancing totally unknown to us?


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