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A warm welcome to newcomers—our number has grown to 73! This forum will continue through October 2013 and it is never too late to jump into the conversation.  Even though for the next two weeks our main focus will be on this dense and meaty, Lecture 5, if you have something to offer related to a previous lecture, please do.

I find myself a bit dizzy moving from dancing and joy and living life (the tango motif so colorfully spoken to in the dialogues between Ric and Linda during the Lecture 4 weeks) to, as Robbie mutters: ”Life sucks and then you die.”

Over these next two weeks I will keep chewing on the themes in this lecture and look forward to hearing what is moving you.

In Lecture 4 Robbie speaks of the difference between Jung’s dichotomizing of opposites/ the need for balance and Eastern understandings of a sense of direction.  “It is in the hara (belly), the dantien that there is this place from which you can move through joy and pleasure and stay within the limits of the Tao—not move off the Tao…It is not a matter of balancing but a matter of developing the sense of direction in the body—called hara or dantien—looked at not in the dichotomized world of Jung, but in the more multiple world which I think I inhabit.”

In teaching Chi Gong (Qigong) all movement originates from the dantien. I say that in pouring your weight from your left side to your right side it is becoming less yang/more yin in the left leg and more yang/less yin in the right leg.  This is a continuous, flowing process—not so much about balance as the nuanced progression of more and less yang/yin.

Here in Lecture 5, Robbie speaks of measure. “If you don’t live life to the full you will be captivated by the expectations of others.  (Jungs says) You must live life to the hilt—this is achieved by balance, by nurturing the opposites. I’d like to insert the notion of measure is more important than the opposites.  If you find measure in your confrontations and limitations by other—in the setting yourself apart—if you do that in measure, then you find the other in the inner world as well.  Jung calls this opposites.  I call it other.”

Listen, dream and be well,


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  • I am deeply curious by your comment, Janet,   "If you find measure in your confrontations and limitations by others-in the setting yourself apart- if you do that in measure, then you find the other in the inner world as well." Would you speak to this more fully please? 

  • I'm enjoying the course very much. Thanks to Robbie and all others involved.

    I have a few administration questions I could use help with.

    I have the Q&A for lectures 1-4 only. Is there a location I can get the remainingng tests?
    Should these be sent in for scoring at the end of the course or after each lecture?
    What site should these test answers kbe sent?

  • Hi all,

    You all probably received the mail from DPA that ONLY today we are invited to listen “free” to the audio sessions with Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth – well that is a big surprise and a treat !!

    I opened the link to the Audio and my eyes were drawn to EP 4 – Sacrifice and Bliss and as I listened, I was amazed, because this audio session was the ultimate explanation of my dream in the medieval dungeon, that I shared with you yesterday.
    I also think that this EP 4 is a good contribution on the Lecture 5 that we are in now, the death of the lowly.
    I wish all of you a fine day with sparkling new experiences – Ric.

  • Good morning Ric - yes, my journey has been deeply colored, enlarged by NDE's - my pattern that began at birth and came to fruition for me in 2005 when I finally dared/had the courage to ask the question why do I continue to visit this place of my breath being taken away?  What am I not getting in life that I return to this place?  There is an ancient saying "Ask and you shall receive, so I got my message.

    Many persons experience NDE's, so I know my experiences are not exclusive and there is a collective of us who has experiences light/dark or both types, however, these experiences are so provoking, life-changing and altering phenomena; words seem inadequate - escape me.

    I too remain puzzled that naive innocence has collected such negativity (labelled a problem); alien to me.  My Pony Rider made her debut in my Master's program where I mustered up the courage to introduce her and perhaps provide my experiential bits of information in regards to two assignments: draw your core and are we born good, evil or neutral.  I was able to formulate my thesis and proceeded to PhD studies where I revisited my earlier works.

    The way, connection and context concerning my rude awakenings during other(s) opinions concerning naive innocence and the gift of innocence has been a long road indeed for me.  This senior remains in the waiting.  Yes as you share for which I am grateful, "Jung discovered the (innocent) young girl as the new God who he has to serve" and you ask other members for feedback to address the issue of me being told "innocence is a problem."  

    You are aware of the experience of innocence for we are engaged in the dance.  Peace + love Linda

  • Hi,
    I've just signed up, paid and tried to download the first lecture and have got a mostly blank page saying that its no longer valid. I'm a little disappointed. Help.
    Warmly Lynn
    • Hi Lynn. I've forwarded your issue to They'll contact you.

    • Thanks Bonnie,

      I was just writing this reply when your post appeared.

      Hi Gunni-Britt et al,
      Sorry to hear you can't dive in yet.
      Technical matters about the downloads can be addressed to
      Machiel Klerk, founder of the Jung Platform, and Rene Kolga will be following this forum but I think it would be good to also send an email to the above address.

      Bonnie Bright is the founder of Depth Psychology Alliance and she set up this Forum.  She helps us figure out technical matters related to the Forum but does not deal with technical matters about the Red Book Lecture downloads, study guide or credits.

      Chris Doggett and myself, Janet Fortess, moderate the forum to update all members of each new lecture, and to invite participation among the now 74! members of the forum.

      I hope this clarifies our roles.
      We look forward to reading your posts, Lynn, and those from the silent majority.
    • Good morning Lynn,

      As a fellow student I welcome you to our study group and I am sorry to learn that you have a bad start, how frustrating.
      I am not a software wizard, but let’s try.

      The lessons are supplied by the Jung Platform and when I received the lessons, they added this notice :
      Thank you for using Jung Platform!
      Your audio lecture can be immediately downloaded using the link on this page.
      Please note that you can only download the lecture from the computer you have purchased it on.
      Make sure you save your lecture in the location you can remember.

      When I enrolled, I received (by others) the below mentioned issues and the following numbers of the mp3 lectures – it looked like this.

      18 - The Red Book Series.mp3

      I had no problems in opening the links, so it is strange - but I have also experienced that Jung Platform supplied me with a wrong link to answer the questions.
      I told this to Bonnie Bright and Bonnie after consulting Jung Platform took care that Jung Platform supplied me with the correct link.

      So my advice, if you did not succeed in downloading the lecture from the computer you have purchased it on – contact Bonnie Bright.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, if I can’t answer the question, there is always someone who can.

      I wish you a fine day and hope that your problems be solved today and can start with this extraordinary course – Ric.

  • Good evening Ric - I always appreciate conversation with persons who are knowledgeable on Jungian psychology for I remain a novice and my comments are colored by my areas of study, specialization in relation to trauma, so do I want to hear from you/others - yes, otherwise I would be the one of the lowly in this forum.

    Thank you for sharing your work with, insights gained interweaving the Chapters.  I find it so fascination just how unique we all are in our own way.  My Pony Rider is the essence of a toddler, not a trigger but a state of being -  a naive innocent child who only knows the experience of being well loved/nurtured/protected and lacks experience with the multitude of prejudices + judgement of others.

    I am and always will remain attached to this essence for I believe this state is a gift - innocence.  I have already been told that 'innocence' is a problem according to Jungian analysis.  For me, I utilize this sense/essence/state when I am working with clients who are dealing with prejudice/judgement issues for holding a background sense for me at my core - that which is good and full of lovingkindness which helps me hold the work space.  I am at peace with my pony rider and as Robbie has also stated we get to the bottom to learn our limits which we do not have to embrace - just know the polar opposites exist and find our own tolerance level - way of life.

    Thank you for sharing your Rock bottom dream experiences and I can identify with your profound truth - just be.  Wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "To be or not to be, that is the question."  What is similar is that I know Rock Bottom (all the way to Silver Linings), not in dream, but near-death experience part of my journey.

    I love your 'drop of rain' and I am into moment-to-moment living and "Let It Rain Down On Me" - I love this song and use to listen to it prior to a healing session.  You have added much for we are both being and becoming.  Peace + love Linda 



  • This time of the Spring Equinox when light and dark are perfectly balanced is a great time to reflect and experience the balance of female and male within ourselves.

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