WHAT: Special Study Group: Jung's with Jungian Analyst Robert

WHEN: Starts January 19th: Consists of 20 pre-recorded lectures of 1.5 hours each; an 88-page study guide created by, Robert 's colleague, Jill Fischer; and this written online discussion forum. Runs 40 weeks

WHO: Anyone who is interested in Jung's , Robert . Facilitators: Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett

>>>This Special Study Group starts January 19th, 2013. It is an open written discussion forum based on following the pre-recorded 40-hour audio course* with Robert available from Jung Platform.

This is a central place to which you can come and post questions or comments about the designated module you listened to for the 2-week period and interact with others who are doing the same thing. As such, there is no set "time" it occurs, but rather is ongoing and you can post or respond at your convenience. Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett, students and colleagues of Robert will be providing some structure and be on hand to facilitate the discussion, and Robert himself will also be checking in.

*If you're not following the audio course, you're still welcome to engage here in whatever discussion is emerging--though of course you'll likely get far more out of the process if you are able to listen to the course itself.


1. Listen to an interview with Robert on Shrink Rap Radio with host Dr. David Van Nuys to help you get to know Robert better in preparation for the course.

2. Get your copy of this in- audio course from Jung Platform. The course consists of 20 lectures of approximately 1.5 hours each which occur every two weeks. In each lecture Robert addresses a few pages from the . You can read along in your copy of the .
This course comes with an 88-page study guide designed by Robert 's colleague, Jill Fischer, which contains a synopsis of each lecture. After each session, there are questions to help you test your understanding. After finishing the entire 40-week course and tests, you get a CE certificate and a Certificate of Completion from the Jung Platform University.

(Cost FULL COURSE: Lectures 1 through 20 + 30 CEs + Synopsis / Study Guide - $99). members get additional 25% off using the code" "). The course may also be purchased in two individual parts.

3/ Join the online discussion forum in the Psychology online community (HERE!) starting January 19, 2013, where everyone who follows the audio course from Jung Platform can come together and discuss each particular section. This forum will be facilitated by two professionals, Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett, who have been trained in Embodied Imagination with Robert for three years and Robert will be checking in every two weeks as well. (This forum is open to everyone, regardless of whether you follow the audio course or have the )


Robert , PsyA, is a Jungian psychoanalyst who graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1977. Since then he was been in private practice in the United States and Australia. Robert founded the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary and developed a method of working with dreams called Embodied Imagination. He has also written several s, including the worldwide bestseller ‘A Little Course In Dreams’.

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  • This is a repeat of a response to Linda containing the table of contents for the 2009 edition that is being used by Robbie in the course. Could be helpful for those of you using the new reader edition with different page numbers.

    redbook contents1.JPG


    • Good evening Chris - thank you so much!  Regards Linda

  • Hello Fellow Journeyers, I will follow along with the discussion to the degree that time allows me and see what comes up for me. Speaking of the depths, my Red Book is in the depths of a box somewhere since I moved 3 months ago and do not yet have enough bookshelves for my library. And due to the external demands of the move, my inner work has of late taken a rest. But just the intimation of returning to the depths opened the door for me last PM with dreams of the work remaining to be done there which to my surprise is being carried on by inner surrogates in the absence of my conscious focus but they assigned me an executive role so I guess I am back and capable of a bidirectional focus on my inner and outer life simultaneously. I think the depths are the depths because they contain the injured and suffering parts of the self that we are inclined to leave behind to pursue our external happiness and we do not call the spirits as much as they call us to return to our ground of our being with all its imperfections. It is perhaps more a question of whether we can hear them than they hear us.

    • I got the following from David Richardson and don't see it yet on the board. I thought it was a very useful comment describing the world situation of the Red Book. It shows how similar the times in which we are living,

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world; The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity ~W.B. Yeats (the Second Coming)


      This poem was written in 1919 and one might think it leaped from the same vortex that pulled on Jung.


      "The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity"

  • Hi Linda,
    Short answer for now is that once you have the study guide you will see the names of the chapters being discussed in each session. You can pause the recording to locate the passage being referred to in your Reader's edition..
    When I shared what was on my page 204 in the 2009 original edition, I wasn't aware of the Reader's edition. I somehow sensed that we weren't on the same page. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Good early morning Janet - thank you for getting back to me.  I had an idea, if you could photcopy the Contents at the beginning of the 2009 edition which has the page numbers listed, and email as an attachment to me, then, I will be able to find the topic being discussed, go to my Contents and cross-reference to find the pages the same material is located in the 2012 edition. 

      Sometimes, Amazon lets you open a book to see the contents and perhaps I can print that off and I will try that tomorrow.  Regards Linda

    • Linda,

      Here are photos of the table of contents from the 2009 edition.


  • Hi Gunni-Britt et al,
    Sorry to hear you can't dive in yet.
    Technical matters about the downloads can be addressed to info@jungplatform.com
    Machiel Klerk, founder of the Jung Platform, will be following this forum but I think it would be good to also send an email to the above address.
    Are any other people having this problem?
    I'm sure these kinks will be worked out as soon as possible.
    If you can't access lecture one yet, I suggest you listen to the interview with Robert and Shrink Rap Radio.
    Maybe a numerologist would have something to say about the numbers 3,4,4,6,8,12,18,18,20 or maybe it's a winning lottery number!

  • Follow-up - I went into Amazon again, believing I would simply purchase the 2009 edition and noticed Amazon has the Leather, 2009 hard copy edition (>$160.00) listed and right below it is the non-leather, paperback edition (>$24.00), which I ordered not realizing it is the new edition published in 2012.

    As I am unable to afford the 2009 edition in my senior years, plus I am already into p 116-206 in the 2012 edition, I have the audio lectures, the test questions and just waiting to get the study guide.

    I have made a decision - to go with the flow, not be bound by historic/current page numbers and simply work with Jung's content as documented in both editions.

    The challenge for me will be to be able to find the content covered bi-monthly in the audio lectures which will be found in divergent, page places.  Regards Linda



  • Hello again - I went into Amazon again and can find no reference for a facsilile edition, however, there is a 2009 edition - is this the right text?.... and if so, I will purchase that one.  Regards Linda

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