This group serves as a discussion forum for paid registrants of "Cultivating Poetic Sensibility in a Wired World" with Robert Romanyshyn, Brian Tracy, and Bonnie Bright, a 4-week interactive webinar series which runs Wednesdays in January 2016, starting at 5pm U.S. Pacific Time.

January 6

January 13

January 20

January 27

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Readings and experiential "homework" opportunities to apply the learning will be posted here. Participants may post comments or links to imagery, music, video, web sites, essays, or poetry, and engage in discussion on how to cultivate poetic sensibility in a "Wired World"


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Video Recording for Week 4: "Ecology: The Earth's Poems"

Here's the link for the video recording of Week 4. Forgive the shortness: I'm traveling and a bit too busy, but wanted to get this up for those of you who missed it this final week. Click here to view the video: Don't forget: the password is poeticsensibility Please feel free to reply here to post thoughts and musings, and wander at will! I'll try to get an audio version up next week.  Thanks to all for your wonderful presence!

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Thank you to Robert, Brian and Bonnie

Thank you for taking the time to develop this webinar and offer it up and out to the world! What a pleasure to have participated on the blog and in person. The only frustration  I had was not being able to sit in a room, in circle, with all of you and let the natural flow of a conversation animate the dialogue, tapping in to the energy that is only present under those circumstances. One hour seemed like a teaser and I was left with wanting more!      Robert, I wanted to ask you so many more…

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The Clouds Inside - by Benjamin Wardell

I wanted to share a beautiful poem that fell upon me last night at a program by the NW Dance Project. Benjamin Wardell is a contemporary dancer who wrote the poem The Clouds Inside. The NW Dance Project took the poem as a platform for one of their dances. The link to the dance is provided if anyone is interested. It is incredibly moving. After an introductory dance, the more significant movement starts at about 4 minutes in and is accompanied by the poem. It seemed to wrap up my experience with…

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