• 9142845472?profile=originala favorite painting in my home - a self portrait intentionally unfinished by the artist.  For me it brings my awareness to the thin line between the waking and dream world, the paradox of yearning for completion and sitting in partiality, and the way time (past, present, and future) blends together
  • What I value about images is that the poetry is already there. One then need only to slow down and linger with it while waiting to hear its poem.

    This photo taken along the Santa Barbara pier

    Clouds dreaming water, water dreaming clouds


  • Lovely! Looks like you really do live on Paradise Road Amy! :)

    "Birds meet the sky and fly/to unforseen branches"....

    • Hi Amy -- the angle of your shot adds a lot, especially in relationship to Brian's poem.  Great!

  • I also was struck by this bird today, at the edge of a "pond" (to us a puddle, to him, a pond!) I also think about how rare rain is in these parts... and when it does rain, once or twice a year, it is quite possible it is the very first time a bird experiences it. Imagine being a black bird in rain the first time! Brings back wonderful memories of being a child in the Mid West, where we experienced ample rain and thunder storms, and I would go out and play in the puddles (ponds to a child, too!) 


  • Perfect...

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