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  • Something is different lately. I'm hopeful and, even, happy, seemingly for the first time in a decade. At around age 48 my life fell apart--both parents died, divorce, serious health issues, job loss . . . you name it, and it fell away, one after the other. It went on so long that I had come to believe that personality had changed at my core--I had transformed into a Sad Sack. Something has happened, though. Around early November of 2010 I turned a corner and seemed to come alive again in some very deep way. I think of it as numinous because it is so illogical. My outside circumstances are not substantively different, but I am seeing them through different eyes, eyes that are hopeful and vital. It's not just me. Several of my friends has commented that I'm just, well, different. This is the numinous in its every-day attire. I want to really take notice of how the numinous shows up in the ordinary.
  • Sitting by the fountain - three squirrels run by in a straight line and play that way in the garden. A fourth circles the three in a type of parallel play. Three became four - squirrel brings a reminder that for wholeness both work and play need to be balanced. My morning nudge from psyche.
  • Your soul vision persists, even as you try to describe it in words--pure poetry! How beautiful, Ed. Two things struck me as I stepped into your experience: It is like a waking dream--might you continue it by reentering it in an Active Imagination and engaging with different figures a la Aizenstadt's DreamTending or Jung's Red Book? Perhaps the electric piano and stained glass windows (or the front pew, or the empty church) would have further insight to offer about your destiny or life in general. Also, it struck me that the keys of a piano are black and white--if it were my waking dream, I might be curious about the symbolism, relevant to all the dramatic divisions that exist today (think: Republicans/Democrats, for example). Perhaps an offer to release these distinctions to glean the golden thread beneath. Just thoughts as I live vicariously off your experience. Thank you for sharing your intimate experience of the Divine--we all benefit.
  • I am meditating in an empty church, sitting on the front pew. I notice my reflection on the side of the black electric piano. My frame is backlit by light coming through the stained glass window behind me. Although I cannot see my features in the reflection, there is a warm invitation in the darkness within the lighted frame of head, shoulders, and chest. I feel invited to contemplate body, mind, spirit, and soul without the ego of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, and skin. An affirmation is also felt in that the reflection is created as light and dark merge into form on the side of a piano, an instrument most powerful when it plays to and from the soul. I find peace and joy in the reflected form, and a sense of gratitude.
  • I would need to come back as my master - oops, my dog. :)
  • So you did!!! LOL! I still wouldn't mind being a dog... Come to think of it, there have been moments... Haha!
  • No, I didn't say I would return as a dog; I said I would return as the servant to my dog, Gabrielle!
  • Doreen and Ed, Yes, I agree that everything natural is filled with its own particular intelligence, as well as beauty, terror, dark, light... Human beings the most intelligent? I shudder to think... Ed, I had to stop for a moment and remember the pattern of Hummingbird flight...wow! You're right - I'd never noticed it before! I'm also taken with the sound...that deep fluttering, that I can now identify from such a great distance. Yes, fiercely independent, but Hummingbird taught me how to accept a hand up when it was offered. :) And, yes, we should all be so lucky to return as a beloved dog!
  • Gabrielle - my air animal is the hummingbird! Thank you for your love and blessings on the opening it offered to you. The hummingbird's wings form the infinity sign when it flies, and they are very independent creatures. You?? :)
  • Oh, my goodness, Gabrielle--As you spoke of Hummingbird's clear acknowledgment of your kindness, I was brought to tears. This and other such stories bring home to me that nature is very intelligent, even though our science only measures dimensions of human intelligence. Someone else has already said this on the site--I'm no longer sure that human beings are the smart creatures on the planet. Sometimes I have imagined that--if there is such a thing as reincarnation--I'll likely come back as the servant to my dog, Peaches!
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