Jung and the Arts

This will be the focus of the first Jung in the South Conference and except for a few folks I know who would like to present, this is as far as it has gotten. I would like to make this planning a group endeavor. Is anyone connected with a college or university or art institute (housing and board made easier) that might be interested in hosting the event? I imagine during the summer if an academic setting. 

If you do plan to check with organizations in your area, please let me know so I don't duplicate your hard work. 

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  • Folks,

    I have not forgotten but had to get a script off before this past weekend and during this season, I'm slammed. Will get back to this after Christmas season. One additional note: A recent acquaintance stated that she would try and see if the University of Louisville (here in town) might be interested. She was going to check. Also a local seminary has shown some interest. Will gather all this and make further contacts after the first of the new year. (I'm not Mayan so I'm not worried.)

  • So glad to see this all coming together, in theory at least! Let me know how/if the Alliance can help. Certainly with promotion once you've established the details.

  • Ed,

    Have you ever discussed Carl Jung with people in mainstream academia? I'm very happy to see the topic labeled "Depth Psychology" which is much more palatable. Many in academia view the Jung followers as a cult within mainstream psychology.

    I am also the membership chair for the local Jung society and work hard to increase both membership and attendance for visiting lecturers. I've been pondering the best way to increase communication with the psychology departments at both UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University. We offer a very low membership and attendance fees for students. Lecture attendance fees are only $5 for students, which is less than our active member fee.

    We are just now in the process of building the relationship with the universities. Your question really has me thinking of the best way to do it. We already post our event fliers on campus and have a few psychology graduate students attending. I need some time to ponder this. The seed is planted and I'm sure the solution will manifest, if it is to be.

    Ed, thank you very much for taking the initiative to make this happen. I must be careful as I don't want to over commit, which is worse than not committing at all. As with most of us, my schedule is being pulled in many directions.
    • Thanks Lee. Your suggestion that the phrase "depth psychology" might be better than Jung is well taken. I've also considered reversing the order, making the title The Arts and Depth Psychology. If we are still struggling with getting the academic psychologists on board, we can at least pull from the expressive therapist groups. Possibly throw some CEUs in the mix as well.

  • I have a possible suggestion for a location. I'm a Psychology graduate student at The University of West Georgia, which is located about an hour west of Atlanta. The department is ver eclectic and I'm reasonably sure that the department chair would be open to the possibility of helping to secure a location on campus for the conference. I know of quite a few students in the department who are interested in Jung and would be willing to help work the conference, and there's a Jung Society based in Atlanta as well. Please let me know if you would like the chair's contact information.
    • The only contact I've had with him was when he was when he interviewed me for admission. I received a new assistantship in the Psych department beginning in January, so I will hopefully be working more closely with him in the coming months. I'm going to PM you his contact information right now.
    • Thanks Sara.

    • Thanks Sara,

      Glad we got back in touch for several reasons it appears. Yes, I would like to get the department chair's contact information. Do you know the chair at all?


  • I would like to be on the committee. We have over 150 members in our local Jung society which could help boost attendance. I'm in Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham area. RDU airport and I-40 & I-85 provide pretty good transportation networks.
    • Thanks Lee.

      I am well aware of your area and you have prompted my interest in using a school where I worked in Raleigh.


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