“Alchemy: A Glossary for Permaculture & Transition” by Willi Paul, CommunityAlchemy.com

Alchemy is action with heart and a plan. New alchemies are now available and can be experienced as a spiritual exchange, group brainstorms, and garden digs. I propose that the following types of alchemy are available for our use.

* * * * * * *

Imaginative Alchemy – The power of the idea and collaboration, making visions real.

Eco Alchemy – Creating and sharing new solutions for global stewardship and permaculture practices.

Shamanic Alchemy – Journeys, initiations and holistic practices with the spirit as lead by a wise healer.

Sound or Sonic Alchemy – Vibrations, natural or human made, and their power to support creation.

Digital Alchemy – Computerized images and text that create new stories, songs and myths.

Community Alchemy – in transition together, sharing best practices and as we build a permaculture future.

Earth Alchemy – Seeing the Earth and Nature as a living, evolving organism. Humans, plants and animals as one.

* * * * * * *

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