"Cascadia's Light Network." eBook 10.

New Myths # 1 - 34

 Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

From the Introduction -

What are your deepest fears about the future? What is your role in designing new systems?

Are your religious / spiritual organization(s) supporting you and your family right now? What do you really want?

What is “community?” How are you building / supporting yours?

What is sacred to you? What is not sacred?

Is permaculture fulfilling your needs? Is there anything missing in this design science approach?

Are classical myths resonating / instructing / entertaining you now? Are you creating your own stories? Art?

Why do you think they call it “Transition?” Where are you going, with what tools and hopes?

Is Nature just a resource to consume and discard or do you have other ideas? Explain.

Do you see capitalism changing in any way in the near future? What are the pros and cons in this system?

As climate change modifies glaciers to coastlines to weather patterns in the heartland, what can do to reduce its impacts?

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