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eBook #25 by Willi Paul 

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instruction -

“Alchemy: A Glossary for Permaculture & Transition”

Discussion Highlights and Data Archive from Peninsula Mythic Roundtable . Sponsored by Transition Palo Alto, 4-1-15

“Neighborhood Mythology Program” – A Curriculum Vision

“Examining the Sharing Vision in the Transition Movement” – Values > Customs > Initiations > Traditions > New Mythology (“the Sequence”)

“Myth Sparks and New Archetypes” – An eGroup “Text Stream” Process for Creative Collaboration

“WILDpermaculture“ - Mixing ReWilding and Permaculture with Symbols. Lesson Plan

dialogues -

“Transition Mythology” - Interview with Mythologist / Entrepreneur Willi Paul, by Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto in support of Peninsula Mythic Roundtable

“Permaculture, Rewilding and Herbalism” – Interview with The Perma Pixie (aka Taj Scicluna), Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia

“Kids, Rewilding and the New Mythology” - A conversation with Dan De Lion, ReturntoNature.us and Willi

solutions -

“blood, soil, seed” – “An Integrated System to Create New Permaculture & Transition Rituals & Myths”

Hoop House Community Incubator (HHCI) - Vision for West Baltimore

"The Sharing Center - A Transition Incubator for Small Towns and their Rural Neighbors" - Vision

“Resilience Kiosk” - Urban Permaculture / Transition Training Accelerator. Specification

visions -

“Big Bang Mythology” – “Steve Tibbetts and 7 Sound Archetypes”

“Nature Points a Gun at Our Heads” – Drought Archetypes and Symbols

“Is urgency part of resiliency?”

“The New Sacrifice” - “Visions for New Mythology, Permaculture and the Transition Movement”

“PropellerTime” – “Merging past, present and future in a browser” – Transition Vision

“Permaculture Mission to Earth 2.X” – New Myth #74 for Kids


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