“Mythology and Resilience” -

A Conversation between Author & Painter Stephen Linsteadt

and Mythologist & Transition Entrepreneur Willi Paul. + PDF

Presented by Planetshifter.com Media

- excerpt -

[SL] What is your concept of the ‘Hero’ both for the individual and for the community?

[WP] My new role of the Hero is embedded in permaculture (Nature) and the Transition (sharing) movements. We need Heroes that champion a fearless heart, a deep respect for sustainable / local agriculture and a courageous value shift away Capitalism and private property and profit.

The corruptible individual is no longer desired as our Hero. The unity and resilience of the community is the new Hero, the neighborhood is the new spiritual interface.



Mythology and Resilience” - A Conversation - Stephen Linsteadt and Willi Paul. + PDF.pdf

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