“Nature is not a Ritual” – Online Roundtable Topic by Willi Paul, CommunityAlchemy.com

Definitions -

ritual is a semi-regular gathering of family or community members that share a Nature-based experience, value or dream often associated with local roles and traditions.

“ Mythic imprinting” is an iterative and transmutative process is grounded in the initiation, journey and hero triad from Joseph Campbell and is one way that neighborhood artifacts can help neighbors generate new songs, poems and myths. (W. Paul)

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Consider three types of ritual -

1. Nature Rituals

* Nature is not a ritual but a spirit. She teaches us about ecology, seasonal cycles, beauty, and the Sacred.

* Nature is best experienced as “embedded” with our families.” Not inside a building but in the outdoors.

* Symbols drive the schedule: fall leaves, snow piles, sprouting seeds, our harvest table.

2. Human + Nature Rituals

* Bond fires, picnics, camping, star gazing, catch and release on a trout stream.

* Human + Nature ceremonies are best local, decentralized experiences; consider a pagan rites?

* We kill, drag and then hang ornaments on Christmas Trees. Human + Nature ritual.

3. Human Rituals

* Humans are Nature ritual digesters and morphers. Nature is a raw ritual source too often tamed and controlled.

* We need to build shared rituals based on love and tolerance not selfish consumption and conquest for the Popes and CEO’s.

* Humans rituals have been devised over the Centuries to punish and control many cultures with a top-down, rules-driven “pseudo ritual” agenda.

* * * * * * *

5 New Nature-based Rituals for the Permaculture Transition -

Abundance Dance (Celebrating Nature)
Multi-stage art & music festival

Compost Festival (Seed Sharing & Harvest Share)
Spring & Fall
Planting Tools, Dirt and Food Meet-up

Annual Cascadia Convergence (Concert)
Late Fall
Big Education and Networking Event

Food Forest Work Trek Weekends (Caring for the Earth & People)
Early Spring
Multiple Community Work Actions with Evening Pot Lucks

Resilience Expo – Practical Seminars and Clothing Share
4 times per year
Local Community Education and Support for Basic Needs

* * * * * * *

Discussion Questions -

* What are the connective tissues that can spawn new Human + Nature-based rituals? Is this social DNA lost?

* What symbols dominate our rituals now? What does that crucifixion really mean on your chain?

* Consider technology, sports, fast food. If such unhealthy, short-term consumption is not a ritual, how does this behavior impact the creation of new Nature + Human rituals?

* Is the long-practiced behavior of littering an anti-Nature ritual or more of a bad habit?

* Can we watch and celebrate Nature on our devices – as short-term, downloaded rituals?

* Offer an example of how we currently experience a common religious holiday as a ritual?

* * * * * * *

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