“Nature Points a Gun at Our Heads” – Drought Archetypes and Symbols by Mythologist Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Design

The drought in California and other places is cooking powerful , Nature-based archetypes with symbols of spiritual desiccation as well as an eminent environmental disaster. Drought conditions are spreading like hot lava with a growing cadre of farmer fights, corporate grey water and half-baked, poorly enforced rationing programs. Sustainability, and many other recent eco-community gains, and benefits to rising human consciousness, could be lost in the sand as profits - and the wealthy - dig in to save “their plots.”

Drought archetypes and symbols are value portals, tools and building blocks for folk tales, rock songs and new global myths. Symbols can be the stitches between our bubbling conscious and unconscious, for new water rituals and potential changes in consumption.

The four archetypes that follow are taken from “Permaculture, Carl Jung and the New Archetypes” (+ PDF) by Willi Paul, New Global Mythology Group @ Depth Psychology Alliance

Drought Archetypes and Symbols (see graphic for selected symbols)

Transition & Nature Archetype I: A love to preserve unique landscapes for future generations. Mistrust of greedy, land and energy developers

-- Symbols:
Salmon – indicator species
Bad water smell and taste in East Bay MUD
Government’s mandatory 25% reduction

Transition & Nature Archetype II: Our hope is to build sustainable systems in our local neighborhoods and towns. Fear of food and fuel shortages; fights for resources between neighbors and governments

-- Symbols:
Looking for water on Mars
The Sun
Empty reservoirs
Water is ask for only in restaurants

Transition & Nature Archetype III: Fear that global warming will destroy all life on Earth. Mistrust of business and
goal of short-term profits

-- Symbols:
Bottled water - Private water
No rain

Transition & Nature Archetype IV: Mistrust of energy privatization and corrupt safety practices. Love of the system and blind faith in corporate responsibility

-- Symbols:
Tumble Weeds and Blowing Soil in the Dust Bowl
Ground Water Wars

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