New “Sound-Symbol-SCORE Design” for Children’s Permaculture Stories. New Myths #59 & #60 by Willi Paul, and Composer Geoff Maddock.

Q&A from Production -

Willi: Obviously this is an experimental collaboration. What makes it difficult for you as interpreter / composer / musician?

Geoff: There are so many ways different ideas can be expressed, words and photos mean so many different things to people. I think my own interpretation is going to be quite individual as I have my own creative process that I have built up over the years, for better or worse it guides me, filters me and gives me all the ups and downs that it seems to feed off.

Willi: What's a "bad sound?"

Geoff: A bad sound is a sound that is just ugly, it's too hot and is digitally distorting, it's too bright, or it contains ugly frequencies. A bad sound you just want to get away from. A sound can be aggressive and up front, but not ugly, and you like it, you accept it. You can't accept a bad sound.

Willi: Are you painting with sound?

Geoff: Yes. In this case dabbing the canvas and trying to be careful, then going over that, then splashing it on, then slashing away. I feel like Jackson Pollock.

* * * * * * *

Enjoy Two New Works using “Sound-Symbol-SCORE Design”:

Jump - Look - Jump [ New Myth #59 ]

initiation @ nine finger canyon [ New Myth #60 ]

* * * * * * *

Project Keys:

  • The base image and driver for this work is the "SCORE" – a background image that holds the elements and support documentation for each piece
  • This is a multi-media, whole brain approach
  • Kid friendly (text, pictures, etc.)
  • Visual / sound / text for Universal messaging
  • Formal language independent
  • A new process to produce new Nature stories and Myths
  • Uses free, bundled software tools (iMove/Movie Maker & Audacity)
  • Alinear creative approach
  • Project Theme can be determined at start of project or built by initiation
  • Joseph Campbell’s initiation, journey and hero are important design guides

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