Peninsula Mythic Roundtable Invite from Mythologist / Entrepreneur Willi Paul, April 1, 7:30 - 9:30 PM, Mountain View Community Center, Free. Plus an Interview with Willi by Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto

Bay area mythologist and publisher Willi Paul will lead the Peninsula Mythic Roundtable: “Tools and Inspiration for Creating New Myths”. Sponsored by Transition Palo Alto & Magazine

Willi will read one his recently published “New Myths” and direct a live “Myth Lab” exercise that will generate a new myth with audience participation.

Writers, artists, mythologists, storytellers, teachers and activists are encouraged to attend the roundtable.

Mr. Paul recently held similar events in Santa Barbara and Davis to enthusiastic groups.

Join us for an evening of myth building. Help your neighbors create a new myth, perhaps one that will get across the principles and values of Transition to a wider audience. Get inspired to go home and create some stories of your own. Hope to see you on April 1.

Please download our event media (at end of this post):

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Peter Ruddock, TPA
(650) 283-0978

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Roundtable Interview with Willi by Peter

There are many kinds of stories. How does myth differ from other types?

I usually include short stories, poems and lyrics in my mythic design pool. Integrated with illustrative audio, video and/or graphics, I include story elements: plot, conflict, antagonists / protagonists, lesson(s).

Here is the current list of elements or influences that I use to produce New Myths:

1. Para-normal
2. Universal struggle / message
3. Journey, Initiation, Hero / Community
4. Symbols
5. Alchemy
6. Nature is Sacred
7. Threat of apocalypse
8. Digital - Non-Digital Collision
9. Future-based

Why do you like to work with myths?

+ I love the arguments between the classic and new mythologies. In this transition, a new world waits.

+ It is a great challenge to integrate new issues and movements in the design of a relevant global mythology.

+ There is a rich basket of ideas in the pursuit of myths. Have you captured a new idea lately?

+ Myths are steeped in falsehoods, values, politics, dogma and bias. Tricky stuff!

+ The goal of creating a set of new universal values is daunting. I welcome great challenges now.

You specialize in interviews, written and video. You made a number of Transition Tales videos for Transition Palo Alto at its Sharing Expos. Why do you use this method to get people to tell their story?

I suppose video is the “techno-flavor” of the times: the power / ego of the recorded live moment? I hasten to add that text interviews require less bandwidth and are easier to build, edit and search online. Many feel violated if you take their image. My 148 YouTube video library is now largely sidelined to Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn as I share my vision forward.

What are some elements of myth that you think particularly relate to Transition?

Localization is a key myth / transition duo, as is sharing resources. A third is that we need to build and practice new rituals with Transition lens.

Do you think Transition needs a hero? If so, what kind of figure might this be?

I have broken away from the Joseph Campbell crowd on the concept of the Hero. I no longer want individual Heroes but now support the community as the Hero. People with critical initiations and knowledge should return to the community from their journey to build resilience.

Willi Paul
New Mythologist & Transition Entrepreneur Magazine
@planetshifter @openmythsource @PermacultureXch
415-407-4688 | pscompub@

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