“Prometheus EV” – “Gaia 2.0 and the Myth Coders” - New Myth #69 by Willi Paul, planetshifter.com media

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Algae conjured up the Myth Stimulator apparatus while back country camping in Yosemite. The dome’s latex, interactive  doom structure hold up the tent has been transmuted for high tech, mythic voyages. In a recent dream his ceiling came alive with images and sounds and he could touch and change the content at will.

The internal ceiling surface of the chamber is constructed of a soft, pliable fabric that implants mikes, cams or other source data that is held up by external frame like a dome tent; contiguous or seamless ceiling “cage” wrapped in an egg shape like an enlarged jet cockpit; opaque when not in use.

Chimera and Blazer have been dreaming in sleeping bags, wombed at H-P Innovation Lab 3, compiling code 24/7 and living off of brown bananas and kale smoothies. The three sponsors each have a stake in the new JourneyMaker software that aims to somehow integrate past, present and future through a new mythology lens.

Many in the Valley see this project as the most important incubator tech in recent time. Team Prometheus EV cares less about technology patients than initiating Gaia 2.


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  • You are the best when you go totally out there as in this example. There were some draft versions of this comment, but since I tend to get emotional about this kind of stories, I'm finishing it now.

    • Hi Alex - I am most hopeful way out of the box!  WOX

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