“Rain Dance @ Soul Food Farm on 2/1/14.” Pre-Event Interview with Owner / Farmer Alexis Koefoed. By Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself and its purpose. A sentience is more like an emotional response and less like an intellectual process. Gaia sentience (or Mother Earth) animates the planet, gives it purpose and makes life on Earth possible. Our past is deeply rooted in the earth and our future depends upon our ability to recreate a relationship with our sentient planet. We hope that you will accept Mother Earth's invitation to open your heart and change the world by honoring all moments with respect, partnership and peace.


Interview with Alexis by Willi

Praying for rain requires help from Mother Nature; while a worthy goal, it would seem that praying for conservation tools and community work to save water might be a smart companion goal? Thoughts?

Yes, of course, those are important. And I hope that this crises is raising that awareness in each and every one of us to implement conservation goals. But, this dance is specific to asking for rain and offering up gratitude for the gifts Mother Nature has always been so generous with.

One of the synchronicities here is my soon to be released New Myth 51 featuring Mother Nature. What are your ideas and hopes for Mother Nature today?

The hopes for Mother Nature are that her children, human kind, will begin to see how powerfully we are all connected to each other and every living thing. Nature is not separate from us. My ideas stem from my work as a farmer and my everyday life watching the changes in the natural world around me. The ideas I hold are based on my immediate surroundings. "Change begins at home" as the saying goes. And that is all I can do. Honor Mother Nature here on this little spit of land.

Are you building a new Garden of Eden at Soul Food Farm?

Yes, so to speak. A new kind of farm based on form, beauty and function. Plant material is the new focus and moving away from large animal production for food.

What spiritual help, if any, can you get from Permaculture?

I don't know anything about Permaculture though I have recently bought some books. I have a feeling there is something important for me to learn about Permaculture that would be good for the farm.

Please explain the possible components and stages of your Rain Dance on 2/1?

The day will begin at 11 am welcoming everyone to the farm. At 12 .30 pm there is a woman who has been studying Shamanism for 10 years that will lead everyone (who will be standing in a circle) in a prayer of intention. Then a Native American Indian, Jack Falls-Rock will lead the drum circle for an hour. We have been asking everyone to bring drums or rattles. Then from 1.30/2 to 3 pm we have fiddlers playing Scottish and Early American reels so everyone can dance in joy and wild abandon.

I would love more details on your alter, please.

At the moment we are just building it. It’s under an old tree on the farm near the drum circle. I have a friend helping me who is well versed in what Gods are known for abundance and what animals and feathers are known for bounty or good harvest. She is coming this weekend to help me with that as well as guide me to gather all the materials I need to so people can make intention sticks at the Rain Dance.

You ask folks to wear blue as: “American Indians use to wear turquoise jewelry to represent water during the rain dance.” Are there other symbols or themes that you can share with us?

(See Alekis’ last response – WP)

Please explain how the gates at Soul Food Farm are magical?

Ah, that’s not so easy to explain. From the moment we bought this place it has spoken its own language to us. You feel a sort of magic as soon as you step onto this land. I've lived here almost 15 years and still smile, when people say" I don't know what it is about this place. I love it here".

Magic is not something that I can describe. It’s something that happens to you.


About the Rain Dance –

“Everyone is thinking about the weather and now it’s time to dance to Mother Earth and ask for rain. On Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014 from 11 am to 3 pm we are coming together at the farm as a collective to share our intention for a healthy earth and the desire for rain. Bring food, blankets, chairs, hats, water, drums, rattles and your ground stomping ass kicking dancing boots. There will also be an alter under the oak tree for you to bring an offering for rain. Wear something blue to represent water. American Indians use to wear turquoise jewelry to represent water during the rain dance. There will be music all day and a moment of unity at 1 pm. So, come walk through the magic gates of Soul Food Farm, dance in an open field and raise your voice for rain and Mother Nature.”

About Soul Food Farm –

“Fields of lavender and olive trees inspired our first dreams of farming. As with most stories, this one had its twist and turns, but here we are 15 years later involved with planting lavender fields and herbs and making essential oil, culinary herb salts and bath products. Soul Food Farm and Morningsun Herb Farm have joined resources and talents to make this project a success. Rose starts the plants at Morningsun Herb Farm nursery and when they are ready to plant are brought over to Soul Food Farm to set in the ground. Next year when the lavender and herb fields have matured and filled out, Rose will be conducting workshops. Sitting out in the fields with Rose, you will learn about the benefits of lavender and herbs, take wreath making classes and learn how to design your own herb garden at home.”

Connections –

Alexis Koefoed
Soul Food Farm
6046 Pleasants Valley Road
Vacaville, Ca 95688
soulfoodfarm at gmail.com

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