"Raising Permaculture Consciousness" -

Three Roles & Synergies? By Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com


Here ‘consciousness is understood as being especially aware of something within or outside of oneself; and/or a concern for a social or political cause’


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My hypothesis: there are three main types of permaculture folks:


Crop Yielders – includes urban farmers, permaculture consultants and PDC teachers


Nature Spirits – sacred builders, healers, artists and geomancers


Activists –Transitionists – occupiers, new economists and tree sitters


More importantly, we need to consider the interaction between these three types of permaculturists (see graphic) to see gauge what kind of work can occur – and if there are opportunities for raising consciousness in the ranks.

The 3 Synergies:


New Governance = Activists –Transitionists + Nature Spirits

New Stories, rituals and Myths = Nature Spirits + Crop Yielders

New Food Systems = Activists –Transitionists + Crop Yielders


Discussion Questions:


1. What are the strengths and weak nesses in each of the 3 roles? 

2. What role(s) are you playing? Why?


3. Is this system reflected in your organizations?


4. How do you build "permaculture consciousness?" (i.e. - personal journeys? garden building? meditation?)


5. Who can permaculturists connect with to create more synergies beyond the initial 3 synergies?


6. What happens to the movement when one stays with only his or her role and doesn’t reach out?


“Permaculture involves the whole of us: hands, head, and heart. Stories are essential to human well-being: if your stories are hearty, true ones, they nourish and sustain you. We humans are part of the systems we're observing and working with. We need to consider and work with our own needs and natures, just as we strive to do with plants and animals. "I think this … falls under the heading of "People Care.”


-- Mindy Fitch, Portland, OR 


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