by Willi Paul 

Program Description:


1. Up to 22 kids can select and color their own Permaculture + Transition symbol (on 10" x 10" recycled board squares)

 2. Children will then describe their individual symbols and coloring strategy to the group

 3. Then work together to produce a group vision or story using their symbols


Goal: To learn how symbols work in media and myths - and understand their multiple meanings

Length: ~ 1 hr


Symbols in the Transition?


Permaculture Symbols 2. A Video for Kids with Eyes of Steel and Overflowing Feet!


Understanding the Symbols of Climate Change” – A Transition Lesson


Permaculture Age Symbols 3: Colors, Archetypes & New Myths


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  •    Any thoughts about preppers?

    • Hi - Tons of sustainability folk are really survivalists. With a ton of fear and baggage... *&


    • Since I am a Serb born in Croatia and "subtly" forced to move to Serbia, I've felt on myself how sudden social changes (including the dark side: propaganda and collective stupidity) emerge and grow under specific circumstances. We are collectively incapable to deal with relatively simple situations (for instance the most liberal (still not good enough for the West) type of European communism becoming wars and hatred). Survivalists in general look like a combination of new (or renewed) hippies and far right (blaming Obama's "socialism" for everything - whatever happens globally, it will be even more "interesting" and dynamic in America) protectors of blood and soil. They are a seed that might when their fears become reality spread and grow into - something.

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