wondrous resource capsule crash lands in Central Cascadia


The Salem Trans-Tribe took a direct, heavenly hit in broad daylight this morning, according to Cheq, the coast horse messenger and guide.

“It’s very shinny,” he shouted. “30 feet long, metallic, standard hand-made candle shape with some powered orange and black burn marks from atmospheric entry wounds.”

“Where did it land?”

“Oddly enough, just meters from your community fire circle, a near miss, so to speak!?”

“The Light Network is sending an investigative team.”

“It is cracked open at the front.”

* * * * * * *

Jason V and two other senior permie’s arrived from the Redding Regional Council on horseback after issuing a stay away warning to The Salem Trans-Tribal Head via carrier pigeon 24 hours prior.

“This thing doesn’t appear to be from any Dark Force facility. Unfortunately Geiger counters went out with the toaster oven,” laughed Jason.

“How will you gauge the threat?”

“Not sure, but that material on the ground seems like a good place to start.”

* * * * * * *

visitors mark

The only formal signage on the missile was discovered after the twisted can was hoisted onto level ground.

“One big open cup and two small teepees?” Sandrum is lost. Alien spacecraft insignia is way past her graphic arts training at the University of Oregon Extension at Bull River Falls.

“Maybe the packages have clues to this meaning.”

The Light Network usually deals with the immigrants, water squabbles and community land re-design.  The four strange packages laid-out before the team should most certainly be a great risk to land and soul alike.

“No ticking. No smell.” Big Doubts.

“Let’s take these gifts into the old greenhouse. It’s the only quarantine station around.”

It is full of holes.

* * * * * * *

The first bag was emptied onto a seed sorting bench as surgical masks were adjusted and smiles sunken.

Then the second, third and forth: “Pumpff…!!”

It was soil, they thought, with additives. One bag included what appears to be green seeds.

“Could be the symbol on the craft is a measuring or planting instruction. One part to two parts?”

“But what material goes when and where, Cheq?”


“We need a spiritual ecologist for this mystery transmutation, folks.” Jason V calls.

* * * * * * *

Pond was nearby and spent the next 24 hours in the green house studying the alien alchemy, the missile coat and … everything! By now most of Cascadia had heard about what many are calling a “mystical gift.”  Big social hopes boil now for a faster cure to the post-capitalist fright than their beloved but routined permaculture. The blending of spirit and science across Tribe Land is still stalled and way late to catalyze a shaman-fueled Agri-Light Show.

“Let’s test all combinations of the materials in small amounts,” called Pond from the door.

“That way we can maybe survive any toxic reactions if things go wrong!”

They rigged-up  a web cam inside the greenhouse to observe the experiment from a safe distance. The yurt will be crowded tonight!

* * * * * * *

It took two weeks to marvel with the 36 seedlings peeking through the magic soil in tray seven.

The Light Network investigative team issued a communiqué at the 6 week mark when the deep green, purple and burnt orange colored plants bore fruit. The greenhouse tasters are healthy….

At  7’ -  4” tall, the missile borne hybrid is a combination of pineapple and arugula. Half of the plants are now doing great in the outside garden.  But equally amazing for Cascadians this season is that some of the leftover soil experiments were combined by Pond who started a super compost that never seems to get diluted.

Will the Pagans, the Techies and the Scientists now unite in Cascadia?


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