“The Permaculture Grid.” A Prototype. New Myth #63 by Willi Paul,

Planetshifter.com Magazine

“American utility companies are responsible for running approximately 5,800 power plants and about 450,000 high-voltage transmission lines, controlled by various devices which have been put into place over the past decades. Some of the utility companies which oversee the power grid reportedly use “antique computer protocols” which are “probably” safe from cyber hackers,” The New York Times reported.

* * * * * * *

After the final twist, moan and arc weld of the United States electric grid in 2076 due to lightning and thunder storms and poor maintenance, the country faces rich on poor unrest, acute food shortages and evil footed darkness. Most ran to the cities, hoping for a sustainable re-gathering, abandoning their towns for the false security in equally broken state troopers and green technology.

The grid will never be repaired. It’s localization or nothing.

No electricity means no gas pumps, no truck transport, and no cars. No world wide web. Roads are now traversed on foot and horse and wagon, and go un-repaired.

One of the many unforeseen of many consequences in this human-born tragedy is that super rich Asians, Europeans and South Americans left their versions of black holes with their body guards, barter dreams and intestinal fortitude, came to America to re-cave and start a new global crisis chapter. With so many formal languages colliding into the muck of the blackout, a fellow in San Francisco invented a new global symbolic language especially in support of instructional permaculture.

Electronic notebooks are still working. The symbolic language incorporates many communication formats, including a rich sound sample collection, a graphic language called “PermaGram”, photographic and video libraries and a new alphabet.

New global stories and myths emerged are emerging!

* * * * * * *

Each station in the new permaculture grid has a small scale LAN (local area network) powered by a solar panel and storage battery system with its own specialized product or service to avoid duplication:

SALT Compound (Granite Bay, CA)
1. Solar farm for small-scale electricity production and storage
2. Battery recharging
3. Mechanical repair
4. Medical Clinic
Historical Brief: Before it was Granite Bay, it was called Allen's District. Plum, peach, olives, and pear orchards were the agricultural mainstays.

PermaCulture Station 1 (Cool, CA)
1. Water Purification and Transport
2. Winery
Historical Brief: Some locals believe that a beatnik named Todd Hausman coined the name ”Cool” in early 1947 on a cross country road trip, and appended it to the town. However, some local historians claim that the town was named during the days of the Gold Rush after a man named Aaron Cool.

PermaCulture Station 2 (Pilot Hill, CA)
1. Food production and distribution
2. Horse breeding
Historical Brief: In 1849, mining commenced at Pilot Hill. Originally, Centerville, Pilot Hill, and Pittsfield were separate nearby mining camps that unified under the name Centerville. Lavender, Olives and Grapes were once farmed here.

PermaCulture 3 (Lotus, CA)
1. Clothing
2. Permaculture Training Site
Historical Brief: The settlement was established in 1849 and named for James W. Marshall, discoverer of gold. The name was changed to Lotus with the arrival of the post office in 1881.

Camp DNA (Pine Hill Ecological Reserve)
1. Regional Farmer’s Market
2. Agriculture research
Historical Brief: The Pine Hill Ecological Reserve was one unit of the much larger Pine Hill Preserve system that protected eight rare plants and their gabbro soil habitat. It was jointly managed by several local, state and federal agencies through a Cooperative Management Agreement

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