The Resilience Center for the Transition (RCT) with Site Plan (PDF). A Permaculture & Reskilling Vision by Willi Paul,
Reskilling is a word describing a process of (re)learning skills we never learned, forgot to learn, or don’t remember we learned from parents, grandparents or others in our communities. Reskilling builds resilience. These are practical skills for sustainable living, and include how to maintain, preserve, uphold, sustain and create resilience in our lives on practical levels.
A large version site plan (PDF) is attached at the end of this post.
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By re-using and configuring a set of 12 40 foot steel shipping containers, a space in an empty corner lot can be transitioned into a resilient reskilling and sharing opportunity with a permaculture garden.
In the vision, the sidewalk provides an edge. The containers are the second edge here . A third functional edge is the adjacent refuse and compost area, both educational opportunities in junction with the demo spaces and garden. It is envisioned that a tent be erected in this area to facilitate share fairs and classes.
RCT is a business skills and services incubator and community coalition builder.
The 12 large containers offer several ways to integrate community outreach. In this vision, 8 units are dedicated to reskilling and healthy food service. Others uses include:
1 – Garden tools and electric box
1 – Restroom
1 – Store
1 – Administration
Security is multi-fold and integrated and includes installing the containers on the ground, preventing access. Gates with locks with smart placement of the garden paths are mandated – as is a calculated lightning regime.
While RCT is not a “food truck compound without wheels,” it is a blend of food for sale with educational and sharing opportunities, especially when fresh garden faire is available. Green technology is possible. Greywater and solar systems for example, would be terrific.
RCT Demo Ideas -
Yoga for Life
Fruit Tree Pruning
Permaculture Garden Design and Maintenance
Basic Clothing Repair
Vegan Cooking Basics
New Stories for Resilience Myths
Making Seed Bombs
Cooperative games
Basic Plumbing
Building a Hoop House for the Garden
Basic Bike Repair and Maintenance
Bee Keeping
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Please see other community designs visions by Willi –

Site Plan - The Resilience Center for the Transition - willi .pdf

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