"The Sharing Center - 

A Transition Incubator for Small Towns and their Rural Neighbors" 

- Vision by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Design – 2015 ( PDF)




“This is a vision for chaotic times! A budget saving alternative to Costco and University of Phoenix’s “profit-driven supply chains” that touts “sharers not consumers.” – WOX

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What is a Sharing Center (SC)?


The SC is envisioned to be as off-grid and family / neighbor run as possible. Gratitude-fueled! Training programs are coupled with material and services exchange where possible. The vision utilizes what skills and values are already there – and to teach each other new ones when possible.

SC is a hands-on resilience machine as rural America reels from the eminent toxic corporate collapse and springs back to stability.

Sharing Center Elements –


Please see large format Sharing Center Plan (PDF) for an integrated training and community ecosystem for resilience.


+ Knife Sharpening
+ Good Food Café & Training
+ Event Space 1
+ Event Space 2
+ Café
Neighborhood Mythology Program
+ Veterinarian Clinic & Training Program
+ Clothing Donation / Sorting
+ Clothing Sharing
+ Permaculture Tools & Training Program
+ Office – Registration & FYI
+ Small Appliance Repair & Training Program
+ First Aid & Medical Training Program
+ Re-Use and Re-Cycle Area
+ Garden & Training Program
+ Playground & Child Care Training Program



Think: a re-purposed abandoned elementary school; a small retired manufacturing building? A refurbished barn? Perhaps a Lions or Elk’s Club space?




Five Service Partner Templates -


[1.] Neighbors Helping Neighbors – 
NHN are non-paid volunteers striving to provide groceries & counseling plus services to those who are unable to qualify for other 'safety net' programs.

[2.] TPA Sharing Expo – 
Since 2010, we’ve been mounting creative and thoughtful responses to the challenges of resource depletion, climate change, and economic instability. 

Help us unleash the power and creative genius of people and communities to create a vibrant future for generations to come.

[3.] Goodwill -
Donate stuff. Create Jobs!

[4.] Kindista.org 
The SC “gratitude hard drive.”

[5.] Repair Cafe Palo Alto – 
A volunteer-run, community service dedicated to encouraging the repair and reuse of goods rather than relegating them to landfill.

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