Bay area mythologist and publisher Willi Paul will present the Davis Mythic Roundtable: “ Tools and  Inspiration for Creating New Myths” from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Feb. 19 at the Davis Arts Center, 1919 F Street, Davis, CA, 95616. Willi just completed his Santa Barbara Roundtable on January 22, 2015.


Paul will read one his recently published “ New Myths” and engineer a live “ Myth Lab” exercise that will generate a new myth with audience participation. Writers, artists, mythologists, storytellers, teachers and activists are encouraged to attend the roundtable.


Paul is active in the sustainability, permaculture (locally sustainable agriculture), transition, sacred nature, new alchemy and mythology spaces since the launch of Magazine on Earth Day 2009. Paul’s personal network now includes four websites:; Magazine;;


Two movements propel his vision. Permaculture is a new agricultural design system that promotes local and renewable resources.  Transition is building resilience in local communities through sharing and reskilling gatherings.


“There is a do-or-die episode coming for humans on this planet, a Chaos and Post-Chaos Era where resources and friendships will be severely tested,” Paul said. “Those among us, who can manifest a new community spirit in which bankers become teachers, and teachers become farmers, may see the dawn of the Post-Chaos Era.”


In August 2012, Paul put on the workshop “Mapping Future Myths for the Transition” the first Study of

Myth Symposium at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Montecito.


Paul held a free eWorkshop: “Building the Future - with New Global Mythology” on June 18, 2014. He also put on “Tools and Inspiration for Creating New Myths,” a free online roundtable on Nov. 18, 2014.


See the  event summary and transcript. Paul founded New Global Mythology group at the Depth  Psychology Alliance and the  LinkedIn group, “New Mythology, Permaculture & Transition.”


He has three Twitter accounts: @planetshifter; @openmythsource; and @PermacultureXch, which have generated over 5,150 followers. On Google +, he is the founder the Permaculture Age group, with 368 members.


Mr. Paul has produced 19 eBooks and more than 375 interviews with thought leaders in mythology, permaculture and sustainability.


CONTACT: Willi Paul @ 415-407-4688 |

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