Several of our members are published, either books, workbooks, and/or articles. We invite those published to list their works so that the rest of us can find great reads. Any authors willing to start a book study with the Alliance folks?
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    Rose+Croix Journal Volume 8: Click on "Magic and the Binary Code: Renaissance Christian Kabbalah and Buckminster Fuller's Tensegrity Structures"

    Journey with me on a vision quest for the Blue Lotus, seed of life and archetype of the genesis of creation!

  • Part 3 in my series of fantasy stories written from Jungian active imagination therapy sessions is now online. The Fairytale Life of Aulden Schlief Part 3: The Inner-King. Download the free ebooks here:



  • Second of my free ebooks is now available: The Fairytale Life of Aulden Schlief Part 2: The Anima. Fantasy stories written from journals of active imagination therapy. Aulden travels into his head and comes to terms with some difficult feminine images. He meets a tiny clown, a crazed religious icon, the archetypal figure of death, and other residents of his psyche. Find it here:


  • My free ebook: Fantasy stories written from active imagination therapy sessions. I kept the stories true to the experience of the sessions, curious whether a personal encounter with the unconscious would strike a nerve with readers. I think it was Barbara Hannah who wrote that analysands often turn their archetypal work into artistic expressions. That's what I did. (Does anyone use the word "analysand" anymore?) Find the ebook here:
  • Check out an interview by Daniela F. Sieff with Marion Woodman.

  • UC Berkeley Press has given me permission to circulate a PDF copy of "What Do Dream Animals Want of Us," which was published in JUNG JOURNAL: Culture & Psyche, 5:2, Spring 2011. If you would like a copy, please send request to

  • My long out of print book, Words As Eggs: Psyche in Language and Clinic, is once again available in paperback and shortly in Kindle format at Amazon. 

    Psyche Speaks: A Jungian Approach to Self and World, which inaugurated the C. G. Jung Lectures in New York in 1982, also long out of print, will be available in January 2013, in paper and Kindle format at Amazon.

  • The Art of Ritual: Creating & Performing Ceremonies for Growth & Change, co-authored with Sydney Metrick and published by Apocryphile Press, is available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.


    The Art of Ritual
  • I have published two books on American Poetry, Jungian literary criticism, and shamanism:


    Herrmann, Steven. (2010). Walt Whitman: Shamanism, Spiritual Democracy,

                        and the World Soul. Durham: Eloquent Books.

    Herrmann. Steven. (2009). William Everson: The Shaman’s Call. New York:

                       Eloquent Books.


    I have also published a good number of essays and reviews in the Jung Journal, and clinical papers in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy, and Journal of Analytical Psychology. Please feel free to view a full list of my published articles on my website under Writings:

    I am glad to be a new member of this group!

  • Thanks for your post, Els. You've got it--your books sound very insightful for clinicians and therapists. Appreciate you sharing them here.

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Shadow Tech - Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness

Along with my partner Melissa Mari, I've published this book. The contents came to us as we engaged in shadow work within the container of our relationship. A number of concepts in the book had been brewing in me for several years, but only after we came together did they manifest as a coherent map. The map that began to appear was comprised of several concepts that fit together to help us understand "the destructive force in the universe" and how it manifests in the psyche and culture. Of…

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Wisdom's Way - The Christian I Ching

I have just published Wisdom's Way - The Christian I Ching This book is a reinterpretation of the I Ching from a mystical Christian perspective. In this book I discuss at length Jung's lifelong fascination with the I Ching and how the I Ching fits into contemporary Christian understandings of God, spiritual direction, and discernment. I take a different approach to interpreting the I Ching. Rather than attempt to explain the traditional Chinese aphorisms that are used to illustrate the 64…

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DIonysos Archetype of Individuation

     If the Dionysian myth is a psychic projection, could it be reversed engineered back into the psyche. If we could complete this reverse engineering project, might we concomitantly discover a Rosetta Stone providing us with a key to understanding the language of the internal aspect of nature. If we could find such a Stone, would we also discover the Greeks created a sophisticated interactive map of the psyche. The internal aspect of nature. Our underlying instinctual dynamic. The…

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Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature

Depth psychology is based on human experiences - whether they are induced purposefully or occur spontaneously - that transcend and often directly challenge our everyday materialistic perceptions of the world as being made of separate independent objects - a person, a tree, a bird, a bee, a mountain. What is the network that connects and communicates between these apparently separate things? One of the most interesting and useful tools to explore these connections and communications is systemic…

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