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  • The Great Mother Ocean,
    Who birthed us all.
    The sea that calls us back.
    The waves upon placid shores,
    The waves within ourselves.

    Sometimes crashing
    Eating away at our false peace,
    Sometimes soft,
    Soothing our burning sands.

    The great tides, low and high,
    Reflections and expressions,
    Of the symbol of love and madness,
    The moon.

    The crosscurrents of hot and cold,
    Beneath the deceptive calm,
    Sometimes pushing the sinking to shore,
    Sometimes drowning the stone-hearted.

    The end of all rivers, streams, creeks
    From inner pools, violent storms,
    Melting ice, warm summer rains.
    All are fed and feed the great Mother Ocean.

    At the end of the rapids,
    At the end of the falls,
    At the end of the dammed,
    In her there is peace,

    We are more liquid than other.
    As we poison ourselves,
    We poison our Mother Ocean.
    Why do we not listen to our Mother?
  • In the ocean
    A lot goes on beneath your eyes.
    They have clinics there too
    For the insane
    Who persist in saying things like:

    "I am independent from the Sea,
    God is not always around
    Pressing against
    My body."

    Hafiz, from: 'The Gift' Translated by Daniel Ladinsky
  • I see the Eucalyptus tree,
    It has shed it coat and gone free,
    raw and vulnerable and exposed,
    Healing and new growth,
    open to Love that will never close...
  • La terre est belle, la terre est reine.
    Le petrole sort de ses arteres.
    Les hommes sont fous, et desesperent.
    Et pourtant, la terre va s en sortir.
    Moins sur est notre avenir.
    La terre est belle, la terre est reine.
  • Mother Earth, in all your woundedness,
    we hear you calling.
    Mother Earth, in all your woundedness,
    we hear your vast power which restores, renews and heals.
    We have punctured you and your thick black blood
    is gushing from that deep wound,
    condemning the beautifully astounding and mystical marine life to a certain death.
    Collectively we allowed devastation of this magnitude.
    Collectively we can wrap you up,
    Sweet Mother, in all our white bandages of love
    and send peace out into the world,
    connect with you and embrace you,
    connect with each other and embrace each other,
    from shore to shore to shore.
    We must heal your waters
    return to you as the waves return to the sand and out again into the darkness.
    See our awesome potential.
    See your awesome potential.
    Sweet Mother, know we are one.
    We are all one.
  • "Anything we destroy leaves its imprint on our own spirit, whether on the personal or cultural level, automatically becoming a future medicine when it emerges into conscious experience" (The Ascent of Humanity, Charles Eisenstein, p. 555).
  • Ojibway Prayer
    by Ojibway (Anonymous) (19th Century) Timeline

    Look at our brokenness.
    We know that in all creation
    Only the human family
    Has strayed from the Sacred Way.
    We know that we are the ones
    Who are divided
    And we are the ones
    Who must come back together
    To walk the Sacred Way.
    Sacred One,
    Teach us love, compassion, and honor
    That we may heal the earth
    And heal each other.
  • I hold you in my heart.
    My thoughts and prayers
    Spiral between heaven and earth
    Whispering your name
    And beseeching your healing.
  • I wish for meaning that might weave oneself and the world together. I pray for meaning that is not dictated from above the earth, but palpable, embedded, and experienced in daily life. The seeds of this deeper meaning do not spring from an opposition to nature, but instead, takes nature as a source. Not every vestige of meaning is recognizable as thought, but known by those who are earthed and remain so in earthly process. This consciousness must be spoken and re-enacted in ritual. Thank you, Bonnie, for inviting us into this "prayer wall of poetry" and writing. L.
  • whatever we love (like a you or a me)
    it's always ourselves we find in the sea. ~ ee cummings
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The Well of Grief - Poem and Image by David Whyte

Dedicated to all those who are grieving today, whether due to natural disaster, unprecented flooding, loss of a loved one, violence, unexpected accident, or despair over our culture or our changing climate. THE WELL OF GRIEF Those who will not slip beneath the still surface on the well of grief, turning down through its black water to the place we cannot breathe, will never know the source from which we drink, the secret water, cold and clear, nor find in the darkness glimmering, the small…

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On Hearing of (A) Death - For Malaysian Air Flight 370

Feeling very sad for the families and those who had loved ones on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and wanting to acknowledge their tremendous loss. Here is a poem from one of my favorite poets, Rilke: On Hearing Of A Death We lack all knowledge of this parting. Deathdoes not deal with us. We have no reasonto show death admiration, love or hate;his mask of feigned tragic lament gives usa false impression. The world's stage is stillfilled with roles which we play. While we worrythat our performances…

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Holding space for those touched by flooding right now

Holding the space of grief and despair for those whose lives have. Been turned upside down by the heavy rains and flooding in Colorado and New Mexico. I was touched this morning by these lines from Rumi: What is sadness, that settles like dust On hearts that are bitter and burdened? The heart that holds God holds an ocean Whose joyous waves make the earth turn. #773, from Rumi's Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi Edited by Badiozzaman Forouzanfar (Tehran, Amir Kabir, 1988).

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The World as it is seen, as affirmation

Terns   Don't think just now of the trudging forward of thought, but of the wing-drive of unquestioning affirmation.   It's summer, you never saw such a blue sky, and here they are, those white birds with quick wings,   sweeping over the waves, chattering and plunging,   their thin beaks snapping, their hard eyes happy as little nails.   The years to come -- this is a promise -- will grant you ample time   to try the difficult steps in the empire of thought where you seek for the shining proofs…

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