christophe morin replied to Mark Winborn's discussion AUGUST: Mark Winborn - Deep Blues: Human Soundscapes for the Archetypal Journey in ARCHIVED-Book Club 2012-2013
"Mark. Thank you very much for sharing these amazing videos. It is hard to discuss the effect of blues on a social media platform without first "tuning in" to the gut wrenching rythm  of this magical music. And whenever I do, I am struck by…"
Aug 12, 2012
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"This is a fantastic summary! Thank you Bonnie!"
Dec 12, 2010
christophe morin replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Where do memories go when we annihilate them?
"Very good point. The most critical brain functions like memory are organized as networks, so it seems impossible to erase the entire circuit linked to a particular traumatic memory without leaving a trace."
Nov 23, 2010
christophe morin left a comment on Ritual Space
"La terre est belle, la terre est reine.
Le petrole sort de ses arteres.
Les hommes sont fous, et desesperent.
Et pourtant, la terre va s en sortir.
Moins sur est notre avenir.
La terre est belle, la terre est reine."
Jun 5, 2010
christophe morin commented on christophe morin's blog post Sensitive people not all influenced by culture as reported by a new study
"Julie, it was great to see you yesterday. Sorry for the late reply to your question below. Yes, I do believe that a huge portion of our experience is somatic, and most it is controled below our level of consciousness. The direction of our gaze is an…"
Jun 5, 2010