Inviting Input on a Recent Dream - Green Lotus?

Hi All,

I believe I am going to incorporate this dream of 1/28/11 into a short presentation I will be giving to my cohort next week at Pacifica. I have not worked with it very much at all as my dream life is fast and furious, along with much movement in my waking life, so I'm not going to decode it here, just to offer it up for any and all intuitive hits. I hope this is acceptable? I don't want to offer any backstory or pick it apart to any great length at this point in terms of what I toss out. What I am hoping is that you might have some intuitive hits of your own in the reading and would be willing to share them, along with any questions you would be asking yourself if it were your dream. I am looking for unfiltered, spontaneous associations it might generate in you.



I have two cassette tapes that are soundtracks to a movie. I want to give one away but the people I offer it to don't seem to want it. Apparently it sucks.

I see a woman that I think I know take a book to a man who is middle-aged and seated, surrounded by a few other men and a young boy. It's as if I am viewing it all in a rear view mirror. Somehow it is happening in the distance, and behind me?
The book is "How to Survive Cancer" or "How to Live With Cancer" or the like. She purchased it as a gift for him.

I see two very extraordinary cars/vehicles driving down the road. It's a narrow, flat, mountain road, much like the ones around here (Western NC). I am watching them drive away from me, but am close enough to observe them well.
They are Water Lilies! (or lotus flowers?) In some ways they resemble a Disney ride but are clearly road-worthy vehicles.
They have supple, green, pointed, triangular petals and coming up from the petals are softly colored, pastel candle sticks. (like the stamen are candles?) The shapes of the two vehicles were identical and very pretty.
I WANT ONE so badly. I must have a car like this.
They are being driven by the man with the cancer book and his family. They belong to them.

I talk to a woman close to me. We might be related? She tells me we have one of these vehicles but it is old and rusted, decaying. I'm not sure it can be repaired to that extent.
I am fixated on these cars and really, really want one of my own.

The men who own the cars are now seated again and I go over to them to talk about the cars. I decide to offer the cassette tape of songs from the movie to the young, adolescent boy with them. It is either the older man with cancer's son or grandson. I am not sure he wants it either. We discuss the tape a bit.


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  • There is a haunting quality about this dream for me, Laura. For some reason, with this dream--unlike other dreams that have been posted in the group--I feel awkward about unpacking it before you have worked on it yourself. However, you asked, so here are things that stand out in the dream for me: (1) there is a quality of family and lineage, of a familial story (movie) that has evolved over time, through generations, including looking backward and forward, (2) there is a nod to some journey (traveling the narrow road), and (3) there is a lot about modes of conveyance (as in the "rear-view mirror," the Disney ride and the astonishing cars that you are so drawn to). Might the dream be referring to your male lineage, whatever aspects of that which you may have introjected and, perhaps, an emergent, more feminine way of moving in the world? I'll be interested to see what other have to say. Good luck with your presentation!
    • Thank you for your input, Dorene. I should say that I have worked with it, but I can't seem to get above the literal, current day, personal level with it, and as you've perceived, there is a much more vast and "haunting" quality about it that deserves to be honored and explored. I can make stabs at the symbolic, and try to broaden out to a larger overview, but not with any true resonance to what I've come up with, which is unusual for me, as I work with my dreams daily and am usually fairly adept at tracking mySelf. Thus my request for input from others who can offer that from a more detached distance, not getting entangled in the personal material, which you have. Many thanks!
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