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What is this Lucid Dreaming?

A few years ago I was introduced to the notion of Lucid Dreaming in a presentation on the subject by Stephen LaBerge and Fariba Bogzaran, both highly respected phychologists. While I found the presentation fascinating, I realized that I have never ha

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I feel like a fraud

I wonder if anyone else has the same struggles I do?

I have OSA.  Try as I might, I simply cannot seem to remember any of my dreams.   It's the most frustrating thing -- not having dream recall.  As I wondered why, I began to research the answer to t

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A dream of a polluted world

  Hello all. I hope I'm following the format correctly in posting a dream here for analysis. I've really dove into depth psychology over the past few months, and I believe its affected the content, if not the understanding of my dreams. I have a coup

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Shapeshifting dream

Hello Dreamers,

This is the first time I'm joining a group so please bear with me if I'm not quite doing this as per protocal. I had a dream last night that involved an animal (which happened to be a long time very significant image for me) turning i

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I had a dream...

My daughters were on a street that looked like any other street in San Juan. We were waiting for a tricycle to take us home. Then one stopped before us driven by a nice old man, with a rounded face and cheerful eyes. My girls and I managed to squeeze

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Inheritance Dream

Dear Group, I really enjoyed the recent discussion of Bill's short dream. I am undergoing a period where my dreamlife has become quite active and have had several "big dreams" in the last year. Here is one that I have struggled with. It is a little l

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IASD as a resource on Dreams

In case you're not aware of the IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, they have a lot of resources at their site. They also offer an annual conference: this year, its in June in the Netherlands. I just posted the details in the

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