I've heard different viewpoints about sexuality, the sex act, or various aspects of sex in dreams. In general, my first tack is that sexual energy can be symbolic of life force and creativity. I know that it depends on the dream context and life of the dreamer himself or herself. Given that there are no hard and fast rules, what do you think about dreams that are highly sexually charged?

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  • I love this conversation! One of the things that initially drew me into my education in depth psychology was that Jung's discussion about Psyche gave fresh language and lent credibility to observations that I had made about humans as "energetic beings." That we might link dream images with chakras is astonishing to me. I have always thought us to be multi-dimensional beings, with frequency and vibration key elements of individual personality and character. That is, as an individual individuates, his or her energy becomes more refined, with a more subtle texture (as in, less coarse). This, in turn, manifests in less frenzy and a softer life. I was once told that the silver thread each of us follows at night into the dream realm extends from the third chakra, which I know to be the "power plant" of a person, among other things. Might each energy center implicate different aspects of dreams? Is this too weird a line of thought?
  • I hope your yoga was dreamy. :)  I also appreciate the connection of artistic expression, religious ecstasy and sex (here, I believe, sex would be constellated with "making love" rather than a pure carnal experience where the partner's being is unimportant). Having addiction as part of the mix seems to me to be the shadow-side of the chakra you mention. I have worked with people who have sexual and religious addictions in a manic attempt to gain or maintain what they have accepted as "sweetness of life."
  • Excellent response, Laura, thank you! Very insightful.
    • Hi Laura. Thanks for weighing in. Could you say more about this? I'm not sure that I understand your reference to "the dream maker," for example. And, what about when there is no partner? Not trying to put you on the spot, of course!
    • I find Laura's response interesting in that the sex in the dream is not considered sexually but energetically or metaphorically. Is sex in a dream ever about just that - sex. I know the sex in my dreams have often emphasized that that aspect of myself has not been expressed and that I need to honor that sexual part of who I am. This doesn't mean grabbing a Playboy on my way to the bathroom, or demanding sex from a partner. Certainly sexuality can be expressed in other ways, but I'm not comfortable with allowing sex in a dream to be ONLY a symbol for something less "earthy."
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