A dream of a polluted world

  Hello all. I hope I'm following the format correctly in posting a dream here for analysis. I've really dove into depth psychology over the past few months, and I believe its affected the content, if not the understanding of my dreams. I have a couple of dreams I'll be sharing in this forum. Here's the first one:

   I dreampt not too long ago that I was in a world that didn't look as good as the world I live in, because there is garbage out all the time. I was told in the dream by a resident that the advantage of this particular world is that though it doesn't look as nice, all the garbage gets cleaned out much quicker. I wandered about in this world, and I ended up having to use another apartment as my own, as I had lost the way to mine. The numbers of this new apartment were significant, though I can't quite remember how now. It may have had the number that was part of the nickname of someone I've card about romantically, and or it may have been a re-arrangement of the apartment number I live in in real life.

  There was a light brownish river in which people were told NOT to fall into, as it harms people if they do. I leaned over to look at it and fell in, and I was particularly angry at myself for what I felt was my stupidity. However, I was shocked when I emerged barely hurt. My body was not protected by anything special, though my head was protected by winter gear.

  After I emerged, I found my way back to my own apartment after zipping through an old neighborhood where I lived with my mom (I moved at the legal age of deciding which parent wants to live with, as my mom was a poor guardian, so this is significant to me), and I was a tad annoyed that the route to my house was so obvious. I felt silly for taking another apartment when I could have easily found my way back home when it should have been easy to find my way back to my own apartment. I remember the other apartment I found having lots of junk in it, but my original apartment I don't remember one way or the other having junk in it.

  I've taken this dream as meaning that I'm clearing out the "junk" in my head, confronting my shadow. Contemplating now, I feel that the path I should be taking is more obvious than I realize, but my mind is being distracted by things, perhaps an unhealthy environment.

  I look forward to any upcoming input :)

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  • Appreciate your sharing. I find myself agreeing with the garbage world. If we were to make our "Baggage/garbage" more obvious (conscious) it would get "cleaned out" much quicker. Knowing this, you can't go back "home" again, either to your mom's world or the world/apartment you had previous to your discovery (the one where you previously thought there was no junk) of the new world/world view. Now your new apartment has some junk, who doesn't, but at least you are aware of it and have chosen to not go back to the old understandings.

    As to the brown river, one perspective is that to dip into your shit is harmful, yet we all unconsciously fall into it from time to time. Through the power of self reflection (consciously arrived at) you realized very little harm was done.


    Please take the above as an initial response that may say more about my own projections than your inner work! :)



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    •   Thanks, Christian. I have some similar feelings on the wandering back and forth between the old and new home. I felt the old neighborhood part of the dream to be particularly potent. So much happened there that I have to let go of, and some seem to feel that I have some letting go still to do.

        I do feel as if I'm finally clearing out the "junk" in my life, though it is a difficult and sometimes slow process, but at least it's underway :)

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