What is this Lucid Dreaming?

A few years ago I was introduced to the notion of Lucid Dreaming in a presentation on the subject by Stephen LaBerge and Fariba Bogzaran, both highly respected phychologists. While I found the presentation fascinating, I realized that I have never had a lucid dream. I sat next to a gentleman in his 60's at the presentation who was a Jungian analyst and expert dreamworker, and he, too, admitted that he had never actually had a lucid dream, though he had tried on several occasions. What I experienced (only once) is what I was later told was an Out of Body Experience (a la Robert Monroe). It was very brief, but I can recall it in detail, as if it was yesterday. Are they the same thing, or are they different? What are your experiences of Lucid Dreaming?

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    • What a great response, Edward, very helpful for one who has not done any lucid dreaming. It will be fun to see what other distinctions come up from others, too.

      Beyond these differences, I'm intrigued by the art of lucid dreaming and am curious about why some people can do it and others cannot. The particular dreamwork that I do does involve reentering the dreamscape after waking and, then, engaging dream figures in Active Imagination or, even, imagining into a different progression of the dream. Indeed, I have found this practice (both as a dreamer and a dream worker) to produce some astonishing insights and psychological shifts in the dreamer. However, I think it would be really cool to be able to have those encounters and conversations within the dream itself. I'm curious . . . why do you no longer lucid dream? Just lost interest?

  • Thanks, Katrina, I'm going to check out Ryan's site. Any interest in uploading (with his permission, of course) one of his articles?
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