Erin Robertson left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Hi Ed -
The Chicago School has many different programs - both MA & PsyD programs. If you want to talk in generalities, the school has fully integrated multiculturalism into every course & program! As far as what psychology the school focuses on - I…"
Jun 2, 2011

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  • Hi Erin. Again, a bit of a belated welcome to the Alliance. So glad to have you here. I see you managed to change your picture--which is great! Was it a browser issue in the end, after all?

    Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll find many like-minded individuals in the community who also want to stay connected to the field and to widen their circle of learning and connections.  I hope you'll jump in and engage s by joining a discussion, commenting on others' posts, or posting links or articles that have moved you in the past. I can't remember now if I sent you the tips on navigating the site already when you were trying to load your photo, but in case I didn't, I'll do it again as it may be of help. Enjoy the site!

  • Yes, I was asking more in reference to knowing you and your unique path. :)

    My interest in depth started as a way to understand my own experiences and those phenomenon that seemed to fall outside human logic, especially in the lives of humans. This has taken me down both the psychological and theological paths that were currently brought together in depth psychology. (Wow, thanks, I don't think I've ever been able to do that in two sentences.) In the area of psychology, the humanistic-existential path is familiar to me especially in my work as a therapist yet it did not address adequately, in my view, the human experiences of revelation and grace - psychological/spiritual quantum leaps, if you will - ergo the theology path.

    I think there are many who in studying the biological-cognitive-behavioral aspects of humanity find the desire to experience/study the unconscious-spiritual-philosophical aspects of human lived experience as a balance rather than as something to force into the previous paradigm (round peg in a square hole). Glad you are with us.


  • Welcome Erin,

    I'm curious as to what field of psychology is emphasized in at the Chicago School. There are quite a few therapists/counselors/coaches/and analysts in the Alliance. If you have a favorite topic or question, I'm confident you will get a response through one of the blogs, forums, or groups. Again, welcome. I await your posts.


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