Jai Michaell left a comment for Kathleen Burt
"ThanX for reply. I vote against word limits LOL. I'll check the program I use (IO Horoscope for Macintosh) to see what it offers in the way of progressions; I wouldn't want to study unless I could compare the study with my own current life (and past…"
Jan 17, 2012
Jai Michaell left a comment for Kathleen Burt
"Hello, thank you for your comment; I saw your request when we friended and answered briefly (!) with two emails. Now that I read this comment (I have difficulty navigating around here,) I realize your full response is clear that this course will be…"
Jan 17, 2012
Jai Michaell left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Ed, a late thank you for your warm welcome to this site. I'm only today having a bit of time to grope my way around and see what it has to offer and find myself quite impressed ;-)"
Jan 13, 2012
Jai Michaell commented on Payam Ghassemlou Ph.D.'s blog post Deeply Gay
"Thank you for your insightful article. I am a 55 yo gay man married to a 30 yo gay man for 8 years now. I can see many hooks in your article to which I could resond and with which I agree. Love as a focus of meditation (similar to bhakti) is…"
Jan 13, 2012
Jai Michaell left a comment on Shamanism, Ritual, & Medicine
"Has anyone read Horner's book, "The Way of the Shaman," which specifically excludes "Caribean possession cults" from his definition of "shamanism." As as a Santeria priest, and a person with some exposure to Cree shamanism, I'd like to know what…"
Jan 13, 2012
Jai Michaell left a comment for Kathleen Burt
"Hello Kathleen,
Without coming out of the blue and asking you to friend me so I can email you, I hope you don't mind if I post a question about your Feb Astrology group here. (I don't know where else to post it.)
I'm interested in your Feb class…"
Jan 13, 2012

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  • Kathleen responded:


    you wrote:

    T hanX for reply. I vote against word limits LOL.


    Me, too!


     I'll check the program I use (IO Horoscope for Macintosh) to see what it offers in the way of progressions; I wouldn't want to study unless I could compare the study with my own current life (and past important years) to validate it. I know it does progressed charts - probably more than one system - but have never looked at that part.

    Fiar enough. Sounds as if you know enough about astrology to check it out.

    The Jupiter cycle is a good choice (IMO) but I think the Uranus cycle would be - as a generalization - much more radically apparent - shakes things up more observably than Jupiter. At least that is my general experience with Jupiter vs Uranus transits.

    Right--though if participants have planets in mid -to- late degrees of Cardinal Signs, it'll take awhile for UR to get there and shake things up. Hope the teleseminar will sow some seeds..




  • Kathleen wrote:
    Hi, Jai,
    Our conversation exceeded the word limit; here's the rest: 
    You wrote:
    Without learning the technique (say you just do it for each participant)  I can't see what good it will do since it just keeps getting progressed as we age and if we don't know how, we're kind of suspended in 2012 ;-)
    Exactly. That's why I wonder if this seminar is for you.  There are correspondence courses on Progressions. Bob Mulligan (The Astrology Company) offers one and I think Joanne Wickenburg still does, too. It sounds as if you''d be more comfortable beginning with calculations.
    The seminar covers the Jupiter cylce, 2012-2014. And the teleseminar concerns the ingress of Uranus into Aries for the new 7 year cycle and what people might visualize, imagine, and/or dream of in the House with Aries on the cusp.
     I chose Uranus because Jupiter has already been over Aries Rising.
     Thanks, Kathleen
  • Yes, the short class is entirely about the Progressed Ascendant and covers a very narrow time frame.
    Progressions are interesting for personal growth..The inner world, as  opposed to the outer world of transits.  Our interests change, for example, we meet and often find we enjoy different kinds of people than the Natal chart appreciated, our lives unfold. planets.Transits are easier to verify--they're events in the outer world. We're looking at a subjective way of being. A more subtle shift.
     If I take the course, my natal ascendant will be covered. Can I assume I can just apply the method you use for progressing them (a year for a degree??) on my own Secondary ascendant which would not be covered until the second half?
    You could do a degree for a year. Iit's best, e.g., more accurate, to use a computer to calculate because the extra minutes will add up to degrees over the years--like the change in our pockets would add up to dollars if we kept it in a jar long enough. By the time we're 40, we might have accumulated 3 more degrees on Progressed Asc.
    I can see how it's impossible to teach any full system of astrology in 28 days
    Right! Would never dream of attempting that!
     but we will have to be taught your method for progressing the ascendant, am I right about that?
    No. Most people will prefer to order a printout of the current year, to see where they're at now. Plus, participants who do work with astrology will have confidence in different house systems--especially those who've used a certain house system for decades. Not only do they have confidence in it, but their intuition flows through that sytem--which is at least as important.
     We won't be spending any time on calculations. For our purposes here, it would be a huge digression to get into which house systems those participants who know astrology use. It's only a month long.
    The class is limited to the topics posted for the online study group and the teleseminar.  The non astrologers,  which includes most of the participants,  would be bored with the calculation part anyhow. They'll want to get right to the symbolism--the ruling planets, the stories, etc. I think most will be non-astrologers from talking  with the site owner, Bonnie Bright.
  • Kathleen responded to Jai's query:

    Good to hear from you--you studied with one of the greats!
    We won't be discussing intercepts or anything technical... depth psych members aren't astrologers, so I've been asked not to go into any technical detail. Probably won't even use the word "aspect," though of course aspects are mentioned in BTM. 
    You already know a great deal....this particular online seminar is aimed at helping the Jungian community recognize the importance of Progressions. Many use the Natal chart only as a flat "map" (mandala) rather than a view of life unfolding over the years.
    However, it would be good if you could post your lines for the study group about how important knowing the Progressed Rising Sign was at a particular point in your life.  Many of the participants will be interested both in personal growth and client work. You might also mention that you've been involved with astrology for 40 yeasr!
    PS-So as not to confuse people, we'll be limiting this to the progressed ASC,  its 2 rulers and the story. In Jungian vocabulary--the one that rules the Ego's instincts, and the spiritual ruler or soul connection, no progressed planets. We only have a month! The treasure stories are nourishing, like food, and time will be spent with them.  A new progressed Ascendant tends to shift one's focus, if not one's sense of purpose. 
  • Hi Jai. Happy new year, and welcome to the online depth community. Glad you've joined us.

    I think once you have a chance to explore the site a bit, you'll find a dynamic group of likeminded people who are all fascinated by the field of depth psychology. While there are quite a number of certified psychologists and analysts here, it's actually a very interdisicplinary community. Many of our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much knowledge and experience here to be shared by people just like yourself.

    On that note, there are also many opportunities to engage as you begin browsing the vast content and interacting with others--all depending on what level of time investment you choose to make based on your current situation. I'm so glad you're interested in the book club. Sandy has already proven to be a wonderful host, and while I'm reading her book for the first time, I'm finding it very compelling.

    Meanwhile, in case you need detailed help getting started, personalizing your profile photo, and navigating the site, please use the following link-- http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/page/navigating-the-site --and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all! I look forward to seeing you around the community~Bonnie Bright, Founder

    FAQs—Navigating and Posting on This Site
    WATCH a 1-hour orientation video on how to navigate and post on the Alliance REMEMBER: Depth Psychology Alliance is a COMMUNITY! That means you are…
  • Welcome Jai,

    Glad you have found and joined the Alliance. I'm in Sandy's book club offering now and enjoying her book. With all the blogs, forums, and groups, there are many points of entry into the discussions and other offerings of the Alliance. I look forward to your comments.


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