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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology, Ecopsychology, Liberation Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Transpersonal Psych, Other

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Dionysus. Bacchanalia. Thinking.

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Twitter: @jordosh Facebook: Jordan Shapiro Website: www.jordo.tv

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  • Welcome Jordan,

    Another Pacifica-ite!!! What was your thesis topic? Glad you have joined us and look forward to your posts in the various blogs, forums, and groups.


  • Hi Jordan! Here you are--now you can officially claim membership. Love the Dionysus connection: I can see that about you. I'm still thinking about your presentation--it really connected with me. I'm thinking of doing the same topic for mine in a couple of weeks, but bringing in the shamanic angle. We'll see what IT wants once I start working on it. Meanwhile, glad you're here, and hope you find much to interest you on the site. Please don't hesitate to share some of your resources, links, and especially your thoughts and work! Your energy will be greatly appreciated in this space I am sure.
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