Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment for Dr Brent Potter, PhD, PhD
"okay, so my previous post was at 2am and I didn't say much, so now I will chat a bit.  I am loving the myth program and had planned on beginning it for 8 years... (I am persistent...)  I finally got there, and yes, I am savoring it, every moment. …"
Jan 8, 2011
Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment for Dr Brent Potter, PhD, PhD
"hey!I am at Pacifica now in the mythological studies! Love the program! chat soon..."
Jan 8, 2011
Lynlee Lyckberg replied to Lili Andelovic's discussion Suggestion for undergradute school?
"I also think it might be useful to study in ANY field you are particularly drawn to (humanities, art, music, psychology, etc) as an undergrad, because many of these fields merge beautifully with the field of depth psychology. There is no one…"
Sep 2, 2010
Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment on Encountering the Numinous
"It worked! I will respond more later."
Jun 14, 2010
Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment on Encountering the Numinous
"I tried to respond to your story about the snake and share an experience of my own, but it would not let me comment... This is a test comment. :) Blessings, Ari"
Jun 14, 2010
Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment on ARCHIVED—Threads of Thought
"Along similar thoughts, Lately I have been deeply aware of the exquisite perception of THE present moment, wherever I am at any given time. I have made a mental note of "who" is present with the awareness that that particular constellation will…"
Jun 4, 2010
Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Really love this forum and the exchanging of ideas, dreams, insights! Continuing on ones journey into relatively unknown territory via dreamwork is the most amazing and engaging endeavor we can take! Thank you, Dorene, for traveling on this path…"
Jun 1, 2010
Lynlee Lyckberg left a comment for Dorene Mahoney
"Hi Dorene! What a fabulous site! Looking forward to these discussions. :) Blessings, Ari (Lynlee Lyckberg)"
May 31, 2010

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  • I am in practice in Seattle and I tend to work with chronically mentally ill populations as well as children and families! Thanks for the updates!
  • Fantastic! And, I might add, I am totally jealous! I wish I were there! Be blessed and savor the experience! Write any time. :)
  • Hey, Ari, how are you?! I'm so glad you joined this community. Won't you join some groups and enter in? For example, please join The Twilight Zone, which is about dreamwork and, maybe the Shamanism group. Also, I just started Encountering the Numinous, and I'd love to have you in that! See you soon!
  • Hi Lynlee. Welcome to the online depth psychology community. So glad you're here. Hope you will find some time to post comments or topics you're passionate about in the Forum or some of the groups, as well as reading and learning. Enjoy!
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