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San Francisco

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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology, Ecopsychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Dreamwork, Shamanism

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No, Other degree not listed here

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MA in Women's Spirituality at CIIS - currently in PhD program

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Wanting to explore the idea of archetypes particularly as they relate to and express the feminine, and what the feminine and the archetypal feminine could mean or co-creatively become. A fascination with the meaning and power of myth personally, culturally, globally, and in an ecopsychological sense. To share explorations and insights with others regarding these topics and others.

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  • Hi Patricia. It's great to have you in the Alliance. I hope we will have a chance to meet sometime in the coming year as we launch (at some point soon) face-to-face meetups in the Bay Area. To that end, you may want to join the "Bay Area Hive" group so you get updates on that initiative.

    Meanwhile, as you can see, the Alliance is a dynamic and growing group of people who understand the power of connecting around critical and emerging topics using a depth psychological lens. Like Ed, I'm intrigued by your knowledge and experience with Celtic myth and traditions and love the fact that you are a poet! I hope you will be willing to share whatever you can with us here in the online depth community!--Maybe just start by posting something in the Forum--either some of your work, or a link to an article that has particular significance for you.

    In case you need detailed help on personalizing your profile picture or getting started and navigating the site, please use the following link-- http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/page/navigating-the-site --and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all! I look forward to seeing you around the community~Bonnie Bright, Founder

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  • Welcome Patricia,

    I am stunned by your list of areas of contribution. I will eagerly look forward to your posts. In a discussion with a friend who focused on Celtic music, I mentioned that I felt a similarity between Celtic and Native American music. Both seem to celebrate the unity of earth and spirit without the "civilized" separation of Western music. Curious as to your thoughts along this line.

    Also, if I may be so bold, what is the meaning of your name?


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