Randy Westfall commented on Stephen Hennigan's blog post Spark of Life - Spirit Reunites with the Mind and Body
"Stephen, excellent post and I just had one comment about the donut.

I think that after everything you have been through you are not in danger of returning to a one-sided obsession with sugar. Keeping the journey you have travelled in mind, it might…"
Jun 9, 2015
Randy Westfall commented on Stephen Hennigan's blog post Individuation in a Dream
"Stephen, I liked reading about your dream and your analysis of it. Thanks for sharing it."
May 27, 2015

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  • Greetings Stephen and welcome to the Depth Psychology Alliance. I am pleased you chose to join our wonderful online community!

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  • Hello Stephen,

    Welcome. I look forward to our connections on this site. Play and inquiry..

  • Hi Stephen, 

    Welcome to the Alliance! It's good to have you on board. As I mentioned on Twitter, anyone can post here and I think your content will be very interesting for members. PLUS, you are our Member 4,000! I suppose you should get balloons, confetti, and a prize!

    If you are interested in learning more about how to navigate the site and post, I'm doing a webinar at 5:30 PDT today to help get people oriented. It's posted in the Events section so you can find details there. Otherwise, we will record it so you can always listen later if it's of help. I look forward to seeing your posts!

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The White Dragon - Becoming the Spirit

The dream opens up in a Civil War battle which I believe it’s the Second Battle of Manassas in Virginia (a.k.a. Bull Run) and the Confederates are knocking the Union force back which I am a part, but then Union troops rally and we drive the Confederates back breaking their line and forcing them to surrender and the war is won for the Union.…

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The Spark of Life  -  Spirit Reunites with the Mind and Body      - Dream from 3/10/2015


This dream is about the 'energy' that can be derived if one manages to reconnect their 'spirit' to their 'mind and body', and the obstacles encountered when one tries to discover a new path mid-stream in life. It is a very difficult road for most, but necessary to go down if one wants to have intrinsic satisfaction with their work life when disoriented during their initial career selection…

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Individuation in a Dream

9142449891?profile=original At The Ravine – “You have to do it yourself” 1/26/2015 Date of Dream

 Leading Meeting – Meeting Cancelled

This dream depicts the  Jungian 'Individuation' concept which was developed by Carl Jung. 'Individuation' is a process in which an individual differentiates from others having their own personal beliefs and opinions…

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