Michael Röder replied to Tarrin McDonald's discussion How does a waitress pay for her MA in Depth Psychology?!
"Hello Tarrin McDonald,
congratulations to having been admitted into the MA/PhD program at Pacifica.
You are asking a good question that has also occupied my mind for some time. I wanted to join a Diploma program at one of the institutes in Zürich,…"
Jun 11, 2017

Jesus as the Individuation of the Self

"Handing him over to the authorities with a kiss, Judas initiates Jesus' individuation journey. Each individuation journey begins with what seems like a betrayal. A religion you once believed wholeheartedly crumbles beneath your feet. A heart attack, or cancer, or major illness falls upon you. A marriage you thought was forever suddenly dissolves. Your children leave the house, begin their own lives, and you are faced with your own isolation and existential aloneness. This can often…

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