Mark Sipowicz posted a status
Mar 4, 2022
Another five-week circle of Soul Writing coming right up this next Wednesday 6-8pm MT online. We have a few spaces still available--if you feel the call, please PM me pronto.

“Each person is a story that the Soul of the World wants to tell to itself.” ---Michael Meade

Soul Writing is an experiential writing group for seekers that want to expand their creativity, deepen their connection to unseen forces, and unwrap their soul stories. We write in every session, explore dreams, loosen the mythopoetic imagination, and identify synchronicities. The primary aim of the group is to get creative, uncover new and hidden stories--and deepen your faith and respect for the imagination. You don’t need to be a writer for this group. You just need to be willing to write and eager to hear the voice of your soul. Leave your inner editor at the door.

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