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This page is designated for members to post requests or search for connections among Alliance members. If you need to connect and don't know who can help, this is the place to post.

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need participants for a research project

are looking to partner with someone in your city to offer workshops

want to co-author an article with someone

create a panel for a conference

find a local speaker or panelist in your area for an upcoming conference or event

---then place your request here so others can see and respond. (If this is regarding a scheduled event, you may also want to list it under "Events". You may also want to post your request in the Forum where others will also see it there as well).

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  • I have a project exploring themes that include Demeter's crisis over Persephone and also the Icarus myth, not so much Daedalus, as any of the relationships and perspectives -the mother- that can form in other family members around Icarus. I am looking for a partner interested and passionate about this subject matter to write or co-write an overview or thesis for a potential book and/or an art historian/art writer for a potential essay or introduction for a catalog for an exhibit of artworks and stories (for the book) exploring this theme.

  • I am searching for:

    • a way to connect with either of the Grof's {Stanislov or Cristina};
    • a writing coach that is knowledgeable or has experience with dream-work, preferably experienced in memoirs.

    It's in reference to a project that is similar to the Windhorse Projiect [of which I am currently participating in as a Team Counselor and Housemate].

    Please email me at: alaya.a.dannu [at] gmail dot com  if you have anymore questions or any leads to my requests.

    Thank you!

  • I have studied and lived Jung for 50 years 
    But I find the Carl Jung I understand,is not the one that is not know at all,
    He is the great mystic Guru  now,
    To me he would hate that view;
    "No one understands m, no one reads my books,"that he said 
    Seems to be still true 
    I am on the brink of 82 deep into Individuation,
    I was barred from the Carl Jung page on Face Book 
    That I commented was full of primeval images ,
    But no insights ,
    The Red book is all the rage ,
    The book he did not really want read,

    He was in the torture of a mental illness,
    I wrote one myself in while in my torture 
    It would be meaningless to anyone else
    Unless they were trapped as I was,
    Put your scornful remarks >>>>> in this box I have prepared L_ J lol


  • Looking for social dream matrix group or event in the US.


  • Hello Depth Psychology Alliance members,

    I am looking for participants for my dissertation research. The subject is Jung’s concept of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. Synchronicity here is defined as a coincidence of an inner event (such as a dream, intuition, premonition, etc.) with a matching or parallel outer event. I am interested in the experience of personal meaning that emerges around the synchronistic event.

    If you, or someone you know, have an especially meaningful or interesting story of a synchronicity, or other meaningful coincidence, for this study, please contact me either through this forum or via email (below)!

    Thank you!

    Cynthia (suvasini7@hotmail.com)

  • Hello Depth Psychology Alliance members!

    I am in great need of research participants for my thesis research project. I am looking for individuals who are engaged in Jung's process of individuation to take a short survey. Your help is greatly appreciated, and will contribute to my efforts to increase awareness of this psychological process and its connections to other processes of development, especially that of leadership development. 

    the link to my survey is:


    Again thank you for your time and support, you are appreciated!



  • Anyone in the bay area currently in an MFT program? I am starting a group for students to have a place to support each other, meet people in the community, and study together. I am currently studying at Pacifica Graduate Institute and would love to connect with other students in the area!

    Let me know if you are interested! 

    Thanks :)

    Kristen Lewis


  • Anybody out there in the Kentucky area with astrological leanings or consciousness shifting stuff going on?

  • I'm currently seeking input/help with a research project on personality typology and images.

    WHO can help: If you relate to a certain personality system and know your type, I need your help. (I'm especially interested in Enneagram and Myers-Briggs (MBTI)--but any system will work as long as you stipulate which one it is).

    HOW to help:

    1) Email me an image that you feel most strongly represents your personality typology. Please DO NOT draw or paint the image yourself, but find something online or from a magazine, etc.

    2) Include in the email the name of the system you use and the "type" you are within that system. Please feel free to list more than one system if you use or relate to more than one. For example, you can list:

    Myers-Briggs: ISFJ or Enneagram: Nine, or Myers-Briggs: ENTP and Enneagram: Three

    3) FINALLY, please list how you 'know' what your personality type is --- i.e. "took a test", or "self-diagnosed" or "I just feel it", or "diagnosed by someone with expertise", etc.

    Send the image, name of the system, your type, and how you "know" to info@depthinsights.com

    This is an ongoing project, so currently there is no deadline. Please feel free to send your image and info anytime, and THANKS SO MUCH!

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